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Howie, the name is Hace.
Good morning guys,

my name is Hace, I'm 20 yrs old, from Germany (Cologne) and since yesterday a part of this community. I'm a qualified Graphic Designer and a Design Technical Assistent. I've worked as Web Developer for 1.5yrs now and since a few weeks I'm Graphic Designer in a small company.

In my leisure I love to listen to good music. I'm a huge fan of the House/Techno group: "Daft Punk" but also of the famous singer "David Bowie". I also love to watching movies in cinema or at home. But I spend the most time with drawing and gaming. Apart from MonsterMMORPG I play "League of Legends" (haco0n Add me ;)), the Steam Game "Dungeon Defenders" (Also haco0n, add me too!) and some Stuff on my Nintendo DS. And for the records: My Ingame name in MonsterMMORPG is also: haco0n. Who would have guessed it :P

That's from me. I hope that I have much fun in this community, Ingame so as in the Forum. Please to meet all of you guys or girls out there. (Bow)




Forum is more fun Tongue

Cool, nice to meet you haco0n Smile

I ish Deidara. Longest mod in this community now. The meanest mod in this community. The one who enforces the rules harder than the others ;D

I make things go BOOM! Like.. BOOOOOM!!!!

[Image: TheBomb350.gif]

Any questions of the game, forum, whatevs can be found ;D

Enjoy the forum as much as we do. Welcome to MonsterMMORPG
I'm, nice to meet you, hope you enjoy your stay.

Good game
Hi and welcome man. I'm just a random passerby and I also play leagueoflegends same name on that

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