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How does ELO Revenge system works
Ok guys new ELO Revenge system is now live

I will write every case and what happens

Assume that we have player A and player B

Lets say player A matched against player B in ELO League match and won 14 point ELO score

Now player B can do revenge match against player A or discard that revenge

If decides to revenge against player A, it bypasses the ELO League protection system and the battle begins

This battle does not affect the ELO League protection shield of the player A if player A is under a protection

Lets say player B wins the revenge match

In that case player B will gain exactly 14 points which he has lost previously

In this case, player A will not get revenge option against player B since it was not an ELO league matched match but it was revenge match

Now if player B loss in the revenge match, the player A will get another 14 points from player B and player B will not get another revenge chance

In case of player B loss in revenge battle against player A, his ELO league match protection shield starts again but as said previously, this shield does not protection from revenge matches

Ask any questions you have

Now revenge matches bypasses ELO league protection different than before

We can further modify system if necessary in case of abuse etc or improvement
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Good job CeFurkan

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