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How do I travel fast?
Fastest way to travel and gain all badges

If you just started playing and you've been wondering:
"This goes pretty slow, how do I avoid these wild monsters?"
"I keep losing from these NPC's, they're too strong."
There is an easy way to do this.
Here is a tip: Don't use your starter, there are too many other monsters in this game that are better than starters.
Starters have all 25 UV's, and they will have the Nature: Steadfast.
Of course, you can get better starters by Donating.
You can get better Monsters with other UV's and Nature.
A good monster needs a good Nature, UV's, and Abillities.
If you want to get an even better monster, you can also TP (Training Points) train him.

Here's a example of a good monster with good Nature, UV's, Abillities and flaweless TP (Training Points)

(copy paste)

A hint to beat NPC's at the begining is filling your party with good monsters.
You are not going to make it with only your starter, if you'd think so.

These monsters are so hard to beat - they have so much boosted stats!

You might think it's impossible to reach a badge amount of 19, but when you have the monsters for it, the job should be cleared more easily. I'm not saying that it will go easy, but here's an example of a 
Defensive monster with Great Abillities, good Nature, (almost completed) TP's, and good UV's.

It requires:
- a Defensive nature
-  Abillity "Radiation" (if possible)
- Moves that inflict status problems that damage the enemy
- Recovering moves (if possible)

This is an list of Walls that can do the ultimate job to those high arena's :

Now, the key to Fast Traveling.
With those good Monsters, you might think, how can I get rid of these encounters? They keep coming!
There are 2 good ways I know.

- Buy the item: "Horrifying Player"
Halves wild Monster encounter rate while roaming on the map for 1000 steps. Reuseable.
Price: 75,000 Gold

- Buy some: "Ultimate Repels"
Prevent's the user from encountering wild monsters for 1000 steps.

Price: 2,500 Gold for 1 Ultimate Repel

Oh, of course, you can buy the Horrifying Player item wich HALVES wild Monster encounter rate.
But if you half it, it sometimes still appears.
What I use are "Ultimate Repels".
Those garuantee you that you won't be encountering wild monsters for 1000 steps.
You can travel the maps extremely fast.
I earned 11 badges in one day, I did it in 6 hours.
If you have the good Monsters for it, it would be no problem, but I had good monsters from the start when I tested this out.

I talked like rapidly : Woppa 1st badge!, I got congratz everywhere.
10 minutes later: Woppa 2nd badge!, I got congratz everywhere.
13 minutes later: Woppa 3rd badge!, I got a couple of congratz.
9 minutes later: Woppa 4th badge!, nothing.
I took a break when I had like 7-8 badges.

When I finally reached 11 someone told me: It's too easy for you right vale?
Well, those badges are easy but when you reach 17+ you might start worrying, but I repeat, if you have the good monsters, it should be an easier job.

That's what I wanted to tell you.
If I can do it, you can do it too! 
If you have any remaining questions, I'll try to reply.
I'm not saying I'm super good at this game, but my experience of V1 and V2 is enough to survive :)
Not bad Smile
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Good jobBig Grin
good work
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
Haha thnx staff I'm vale btw Tongue
It's all over the place, but good job.
it is not too shabby Big Grin but starters are the boss Confused
Starters are sooo Op. OMuhGawd.
Of course, you can get better starters by Donating.
That's what I said.
Btw, if you think starters are cool like you get them at the beginning, Steadfast Nature, 25 IV's, random abillities, you're so wrong.
Well I had a good run with my starter

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