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Basically, talk about how you've grown over the years. Feel free to open up in this thread, we'll all share our feelings and try to solve each other's problems.

I'll post some stuff about myself probably later this week if I have the time.
(2012-01-30, 02:56 AM)Lamb Wrote: I'll post some stuff about myself probably later this week if I have the time.
Thats a good one right there, ill be sitting here holding my breath the entire time. Dodgy

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Actually, I've done the most growth in my life since about the time this thread was originally created. In May, after years of being pushed aside and being made to feel unwanted, I decided to leave home. I left home about 2 weeks after my 18th birthday (which was one of the toughest days of my life mind you.) The night before my 18th birthday, I was told just how unwanted I was... after a smack on the face and my step-mom yelling at me how I was trying to destroy her marriage and tear her family apart... I realize I was completely unwanted. With that, I decided that it would be best for everyone if I left.

I talked to the People and Culture department at the place I was working, and I signed a contract saying that I'd live on campus and work for free. My payment was in food and shelter. I dropped out of high school, bought all the necessary supplies and left. Two weeks into being 18 and I was on my own. I was living and working at The Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, NY. Whilst there, I made many changes to myself and I reformed myself from bottom up. Well, I actually didn't change many things about myself. In all actuality, I just let the better parts of me shine brighter.

Most people that know me now, know me for who I am. My family still only knows the person I was many years ago. They have failed to realize who I've changed into. It's kind of depressing to be honest. I love my family, and I wish I could show that to them. But they don't WANT to see that I love them. They wouldn't understand that I left for them. They would think that I left for me, myself and my own selfish desires... Very untrue... but to answer the question "How have you grown over the years" more directly: I've bettered myself and become an honest person with an open, happy heart.

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