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How To Catch Monsters-Non Careful Strike Edition
it is possible to easily catch a monster with the move called Careful Strike, but careful strike is not always useable. here are some reasons why-Normal Immunity,Ghost Type,a Healing Move, and Healing Ability.

1. Normal Immunity-when the monster is immune to Normal Type attacks.

Now here's an example of a monster that has the ability

[Image: 196Gilizar.png]

^that's Gilizar.

Now since hes 1 of the monsters that has this ability here are some ways to capture it.

a. use moves that will do barely any damage against them. Examples-hidden punch,sky slash,water spray. basically low power moves that have a power less than 70.(moves that are regularly effective on these monsters.)
b. use moves with types that it's resistant to. Examples- Sparkbite, Steel Slash,Insect Opposition,Flame Armor,Grass Rope(Note: these are just examples for Gilizar, if you want to see which types do barely any damage look on the monster's page on the Monsterdex)
c. inflict a status on it(example paralysis, burn,[yes fire types can get burned]poison[as well s poison types],bleeding,sleep,or freeze.beware some monsters may have (insert status name here)Immunity or Perfect Body-which no status's can be on the enemy monster.
d. ultimate box-Note: this can be used as a last resort if you tried the other .

2. Ghost Types

Since there has yet to be a monster with the combo Beyond Type[ability that lets you hit a monster with a move that it's usually immune to,unless the monster has an immunity ability of the type which i highly doubt it'll happen] + Careful Strike, ghost types can not be dealt with by normal means. Ghost types can be dealt with about all the same ways as monsters with normal immunity except-

a. ghosts types are only resistant to poison so maybe toxic bite would help in taking a ghost down.

b. use a monster with radiation ability like Futarik. you can spam moves that don't damage ghosts, or spam increasing stat moves.

c. ultimate box(only if you're desperate)

3. Healing Move

Healing moves can cause problems when trying to capture wild monsters. Examples-Heal,Concentration Rest, Super Drain,Lunar Light,Light Restore. When faced with a monster with a healing move here are some ways to capture it.

a. inflict it with a status that may cause it to not move for 1-5 turns. Examples-Freeze,Paralysis,and Cringe.

b. use ultimate box-again last resort. use it in only extreme emergencies.

4. Healing Ability

Healing abilities can also cause problems and be aggravating when trying to catch wild monsters. Examples-Natural Heal,Regenerator,and Expert Regenerator.

now there are a couple ways to handle this problem-

a. use moves that'll cause statuses that will lower hp. Examples-Poison,Burn, and Bleeding. they will counter those abilities real easily.(watch out for Perfect Body+healing ability combo.)

b. have abilities to counter the healing ones. Example-Radiation

c. use ultimate box-last resort as always.

Okay I think that should cover the things that careful strike has trouble against. If i find any other,I will update this post with the info needed on that topic.
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Dont mess with the Samu or else you'll be left to rott in the Sanzu.
Credits go to SparrowHawk for the amazing sig.
Lol suffering Bavante difficulties haha..thanks Guider.
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A nice way to take down some ghosts that are lower level is to use a radiation monster like Futairik. You can spam moves that don't damage ghosts or spam buffing moves.
[Image: image]
[Image: SamurottGSig.png]
Dont mess with the Samu or else you'll be left to rott in the Sanzu.
Credits go to SparrowHawk for the amazing sig.
My favorite non-careful strike way of catching monsters is thick fog 3x, low power attacks/radiation and then when enemy's hp is a multiple of 60+3 I use black shadow. Unless opponent heals, recoils or is normal never fails.

For high level monsters, if u dont hav 100Lvs thick fog, is really effective

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