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How Did You Find MonsterMMORPG?
I found this by searching for an online pokemon game after dropping and breaking my pokemon crystal game lol.  I began playing when it was still pokemoncraft (old user was  this_is_SPARTA).  Once the game was no longer pokemon, i left it.  About a month ago I received an email from this site and I figured I would give it a go.  I have been playing steadily ever since.
Since 2009 Smile Since PokemonCraft Smile

I searched Pokemon games , and find it in 2009 Smile Since 2009 i am here Smile For 4 years Smile
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4 years playing, that's cool I'm only 3 years Smile

How I found this is same as most people here.

Search good Pokemon online game and I think PokemonCraft was in the 2nd page of search
I literally looked up "monster mmorpg" because I was looking for a game where I could capture and train monsters. I went through the MonsterDex and fell in love.
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I asked about a good mmorpg on yahoo answers and someone gave me this hahaha
420 Blaze it Lol
Been here for 3 years. Found out after wanting a more long term pokemon game.
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

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(2013-07-16, 04:58 AM)SparrowHawk Wrote:
(2013-07-16, 04:55 AM)Kamenashi Wrote: lost my gameboy and looked up pokemon games online- found pokecraft and been loyal ever since

That's the best one yet.

"I lost my gameboy!! Need.. more... pokemon D<" .. "TO THE INTERNET"


I found this game ... I was searching for something else, and this showed up and I tought, lets try it.
Well, Gonsalez told me about this awesome game he had been playing for a couple of days and i decided i'd try it out... that was at the beginning of pokemoncraft, how many years ago? i dont know, anyways, here i am Smile
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(2013-07-16, 02:06 AM)Knost Wrote: I searched "Pokemon Games Online" and this game popped up claiming to be better than pokemon lol

And I'm still here.

I would say this if there were more content in the game then we might get better rating from mmo hut type sites which would bring in the most traffic.

A more complete game = More Users

me too
Sad that my thread with the same topic wasn't this famous ;-;

(2011-12-27, 03:05 AM)Rock127 Wrote: Another boring Computer Class at School
Boring...I'm tired of these Pokemon Games...
(My classmates were speaking Filipino so I'll translate)
1: Who did you choose?
2: I chose Mudkip
1: I got Charmander
Me: They're just playing another boring game
1: Haha! I destroyed that Starly!
Me: *Hmm let me see that site first*
Me: What game is that?
2: PokemonCraft
Me: *tries to register*
There are already 5 users registered in your IP address! Registration cannot be completed.
Me: Nooo!
Teacher: Try it again at home.
Me: *Registers at home*

Well, that's pretty much it. I joined PC forum after shutdown since I was researching about the shutdown of Craft.
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Once upon a time, PupK9 was feeling really bored at home and he just wated to play Pokemon, yet it's too hard to level up your Pokemon... So he was sad. He then decided to go on Facebook to look at one of his favourite page's funny pictures. Then he saw an add on the bottom right corner of his Facebook window saying "Looking for Pokemon game better than Pokemon?" And so naturally, he clicked it, not even caring about the possible viruses and stuff out there. He sat and stared at the home screen. He looked at all the epic monster artwork and said "Waow." THEN he realized that the game was his perfect type of game because it's free and doesn't require any download! So he singed up! He started walking around the map and was unimpressed. He also got scolded by XSpiritX that CinnamonSpider is a girl and not a guy. The movement was kinda weird.. The graphics weren't that great.. But there was a chat room.. And a nice community... And smexy monsters. He played for about an hour.. Then logged off. And never logged back on. For 2 weeks. 2 weeks later he decided to give it another try. He got great help and advice from Capt. Obvious, so naturally, he told his friends.. A good 3-4 months later, I am proud to say that he is rank 72, a guild leader and founder of The Canines, owner of 4 ancients, 40 legendaries, hundreds of zeniths, 19 arena badges, and an AWESOME community to hang out with!!

Resident noob
Old user from pokemoncraft.
CeFurkan Wrote:
@Nitz_X u really should leave this game
[Image: kSLYA.png]
When I could not buy the PokeMon games I looked for an MMORPG one online, joined a few, but did not like the play style, so I found PokeMonCraft via Google. I joined and liked it, about a month later I started using the chat and just made friends, but then the sad thing happened, it got shutdown by Nintendo. In the forums Cef was talking to the still active forum members, and was mentioning to make a new game. When Alpha was released I was there, and it looked nothing like Beta v1, and I hung in here and here I am, still playing.

R.I.P PokeMonCraft, just when you were getting better, the plug was pulled Sad
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pup showed it to me Smile
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Used to play pokemoncraft and cef sent me an email saying that he had created a new game similar to PokemoncraftSmile
I searched pokemon.
[Image: 11jozyq.jpg]
search for good pokemon mmorpg and find it
[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=447]
goole and searched in pokemon mmorpg it took me 4 hour to find a good game to play cause I haven't played a pokemon mmo for a few  years till i found this.
I stumbled across Monstermmorpg while searching for fresh games with new, exciting ideas. For me, Monstermmorpg hit the mark. It's a game that presents fresh material(monsters) through player contributions, and while the movement system is slow and tedious, and searching for certain monsters is boring, if not down-right unpleasant, it has wonderful potential.

Unfortunately, after a few weeks or so of enjoying the game, I was suddenly gripped by evil and had intense urges to troll and harass the community.

After a few months of 'fun' and adrenaline, I realized that trolling and harassing people won't win me their good will, so I quit this game for a year to get my mind together. Now I'm back and I have long learned the errors of my ways.

In short, I stumbled upon this game. (Sorry about the long post. You did ask for our stories.)
i was looking for pokemon games on facebook and this popped out so i tryed it out
So i broke my windows 8 laptop so i couldnt download games which require 4 or more gb .Well all your stories are touching and sentimental but i found the game just typed Pokemon X and Y browser based game then i found this
Look at me now kid.
(2013-11-28, 08:19 AM)iLink Wrote: So i broke my windows 8 laptop so i couldnt download games which require 4 or more gb .Well all your stories are touching and sentimental but i found the game just typed Pokemon X and Y browser based game then i found this

Your story may not be sentimental but your profile picture sure is. (Black and white? Good old days. High five! A lion too...)
Been we this since the pokemoncraft days but my old account got deletedSad.
i was on a website which compared online MMORPG/RPGs, and this one was highly ranked, so i thought i would give it a shot Smile
I saw it on VPL, so I figured I could help out with some art and stuff!
i was on a website which compared online MMORPG/RPGs, and this one was highly ranked Smile
i played this since pokemoncraft because i wanted to play a legit pokemon free game online,i wish it was still pokemoncraft ,but monsters is pretty ok though
i found this game well looking for a good pokemon like game and i got bored with anthor game that was pokemon but had tons of vartitiaons and it had no real rason of staying on also this game is great love it

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