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It's been 3 years since I last touched this game. Just remembered this website when I was bored, and here I am.
So, I missed out on a lot. What's new? 
Looking at my account, my party right now is level 100 Alaclipse, Veptis, Solord, Yetee, Brachpour, and Chillurk. I have 3 legendaries, 36 Zeniths, 306 Emiss, and the other not important ones. Is this a solid team? Should I replace anything? Where can I find legendaries/ancients/zeniths etc.? Should I EV train, and if so, where? I think my mons might be EV trained (if that exists). Any help? Haven't played in a LONG time.
you can catch pokemon with the help event chat it may new for you and fun  Wink

btw welcome back  Smile
a lot of new stuffs :)

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