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I'm new to this forum. Can anybody tell something more about this game? Thanks
U get SM frm Weekly Events,GW,etc.
Get 6+ badges 2 alwayz get em in GW.
Use SM 4 Badge reset,RB pkmn,etc.
U get GM from verified referrals and MonsterDex event.
Check events for monsters bcuz all events come out lv75.
Train ur pkmn for thoze.
JK,u shld check Guides for more info DAILY...
Btw,want this?:
Pkmn X and Y name:Zayden
If u need tips,just PM me on pokemon:
I'll have Wi-fi soon so here is my friend code:
2209 1370 2565
Mii name:Zayd Attack
Bye yall Shy
(2019-07-17, 07:20 AM)Andre36 Wrote: Hi,
I'm new to this forum. Can anybody tell something more about this game? Thanks

hi and welcome

this is a monster/creature capturing, training, battling browser based mmorpg game

you can get much more information from discord

the game is similar to Pokemon genre
Nice, thanks
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Hello, I am also a new member
Nice, thanks
The game is a browser-based MMORPG in which players capture, train, and battle monsters and other creatures.
Thanks for sharing this great news
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RPG game about monsters

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