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Helping Out future Artists
Oi, all those that started their graphics work Big Grin

I'm going to update this post with helpful links to gimp signatures, gimp websites, material websites, and such. All the stuff you need to make more signatures and to improve your work.

^Gonna also update this post with some Photoshop tutorials. Material websites can be used for all purposes.

Abstract, 3D Renders, Effect Renders
Planet Renders (Have to sign up)
Gimp Full Signature Tutorial
Renders-Graphiques - Click "Recherche" in the blue tabs. It takes you to the search function. Type in what you're looking for.
Baka Renders

To get fonts, go to Dafont
To get brushes, go to DeviantArt just search "Gimp Brushes". You can also use DeviantArt to find gimp signatures.

Gimp Signature Tutorial - If you understand this, congratulations. It's in English, I tried it before and I got confused. Maybe you can beat me XD
Tutorial Hero
Beginner Tutorial
Pop Out Signature Tutorial

Gimp Brushes
Vector Brushes
Splatter Brushes
Inner Universe
Sparklies Brushes
Edge Brushes
Lotus Brushes
Galactic Brushes
Rush Brushes
Sinuous Vector
Essence Abstract

Photoshop Brushes

Splatter Brushes
Sparkle Brushes
Fractal Brushes
Floral Brushes
Swirl Brushes
More Splatter Brushes
Everyone, I am always updating this as I find ^_^

Feel free to use it. I'm giving you helpful links in your gfxing adventure. There are some good ones there too Wink
where do yu find C4Ds
Signature Shop
there should be more tutorials in this section but i guess this section is kinda dead.. not much happens here, no professionals unfortunately Sad

this is a good thread, makes me wanna get started but i don't have time
NighPhoenix = wanna-be-hopefuly-soon-to-be-artist, need help
Updating with links to gimp brushes that I use.
i tired the koopabros second tutorial, but my backgrounds keep coming out ugly .-.
[Image: blackstarsig_zpsc46521c1.jpeg]
I should've came here earlier... I found the reason my my sigs were bland (example, my current one)... I need better brushes o3o gonna go shopping on Dei's thread XD
Constantly dying yet never dead
Some links are possibly broken.
This is amazing, thanks you!
guys im a noob artist, im only 12 and i have no professional tools/experience any help?
pm me if you have questions
(2014-02-20, 02:53 AM)bobbob123 Wrote: guys im a noob artist, im only 12 and i have no professional tools/experience any help?
Uh... Let's see here..

I would say, familiarize yourself with computers. Since you're 12, I guess you're in Middle School. Learn Photoshop, Adobe, bla bla on your own time.
When you get to High School, you'll have requirement classes. As for your electives, choose a Web Design or Art class. Finish your requirements without failing and by your Senior year, you can take a lot of elective courses and learn a lot.
thanks keep updated this thread
I should update this with Photoshop as well.

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