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HelloOoOoooo Out There!
Hey guys, it's ya friendly neighbah00d Spahrvieroh!
Such an awkward boston accent lol.

So uh, what's going? How are you? What's up guys!!

And I tried searching forum but things are a little jumbled, especially with the update to it. It hurts my eyes. So can anyone tell me the latest news and status of this game and community please? 

What is NEW*****?
What is COOL*****?
What is UP?!

and this is just for friendly conversation as well. Update me fam with the facts!
Welcome back sparrow  Smile

game is getting change now we have more events like daily rewards ,Boos event, guild system, event chat but the latest news is that cef is not here  Undecided for long time most of the player are also not active as i am  Sleepy

let me know if i can help you with anything  Big Grin
it's really worth it
This forum has lots of amazed things. I like exploring many exciting posts here papa's pizzeria game.

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