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I just wanted to let everyone interested know that I will be leaving to work on other art projects and work on improving my full-scene abilities.

With Kiibie here, the old monsters should get a great makeover. Unfortunately I am not quick enough with my art to be of much help. It may be a little bit of shyness talking, but I rather feel like a third wheel at the moment, especially as my normal drawing/painting style is quite different from the art used here.

I've had fun doing my part though. Thanks to all of you who supported me on this project, especially TexasToast, Arlaxeon, and Cinnyspider. The community is great here, and I wish all of you the best of luck on your monster hunts and in tournaments! ^_^

If you'd like to contact me for any reason, I'll always be active on my DeviantArt account at

Take care everyone, and perhaps I'll see you again!

Looking for me in-game? Look for Rampant, trainer of random critters!

My DeviantArt gallery can be found here: MakoServitor's DeviantArt

I'm still glad you enjoyed your time here, and I'm glad this game allowed us to meet in the first place! Big Grin I understand why you're leaving, but I'm still sad, as artists have been dropping like flies recently. You're welcome to come back anytime! (And if you want to keep your game account, log in and move around every two or three months so that it isn't auto-deleted for inactivity.)
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Bye Mako! Sad
Mako Sad we will miss you.. thanks for all you did!
[Image: viking.png]

The Vikings Will Rampage.
Thanks for the hard work.
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It was nice having you here and your monster additions to the game are amazing. Good luck Mako. I'll be following your work on dA Smile
scuttle scuttle
take care and pls come back soon
But.. But.. But.. :.(
Resident noob
Good luck mako, i'll be watching yur deviant art
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Best of luck for the future Mako. Hope you are successful wherever you go Smile
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owwwww u were doing really good Sad hope we meet again

good bye
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I followed your DeviantArt.
Please return sometime in the future!

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