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Have you checked Pokemon Generations?
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If your a pokemon fan, and u dont know about this game, immediatly go to youtube [youtube]tM1-9kpLeoc[/youtube] and check a pokemon generation video
I just found out about this game and just wanted to check if ur reaction is the same as mine:
- OMG this is wat I dreamt while I was a kid
- This is the best pokemon game of all
- This game has a LOT of potential
- How long until nintendo shuts them down?AngryAngry
It's you know.. Eh, great concept. Sort of like.. The first almost "realistic" pokemon, in a way.
It's interesting.
That battle system where you actually get to control the pokemon and run around attacking is something I've wanted to see ever since they made 3D models of the pokemon. I always wondered why they didn't take a more active fighting role in titles like Colosseum.. it would have been fantastic. I'll be interested to see how far this gets.
Looking for me in-game? Look for Rampant, trainer of random critters!

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seems okay
This game needs more support and staff, other than this one genius. <_<
Interesting ^^                                                                                                                           Drift Boss
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