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Happiness Pill: A medicine full of happiness and energy.It increases Monster's happiness by 100 stages.
Beta price:15 000 a piece
[Image: happinesspill.png]

Chaos Pill: A medicine full of sorrow and pain.It decreases Monster's happiness by 100 stages
Beta Price: 15 000 a piece
[Image: chaospill.png]
Chaos Pill and Happiness Pill is supposed to work in conjunction to moves that deal damage depending on the happiness.
Happiness Pill is also useful for evolution.
Constantly dying yet never dead
if you can draw better quality images i can add them.
it's too small?
Constantly dying yet never dead
i think he means they r too fuzzy.look at our monster images and then look at your items.the items rnt as clean cut
This is orboknown on his alt.
item image size is 46x46

and they look terribly at the moment
LOL cefurkan xD
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

[Image: k29ed.jpg]
Now that was funny lmfao

Give the images a better quality like 100% (HQ). They are a little shaken up (fuzzy).

And 100 happiness points seem like a lot o-o Oh well, it's the price that makes it good ^_^

It will be abused... Rolleyes

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