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Haci Abi is banned permanently
(2019-04-27, 09:08 PM)Monster King:Quote Wrote:
(2013-04-07, 09:36 PM)Viperianw Wrote: i agree very much so with pray Big Grin
the point of a game is to have let's let bygones be bygones and continue playing Smile
This is a disgrace to all.But we have a Protection Team^^We are safe upon them^^
Pkmn X and Y name:Zayden
If u need tips,just PM me on pokemon:
I'll have Wi-fi soon so here is my friend code:
2209 1370 2565
Mii name:Zayd Attack
Bye yall Shy
you on the web, where they're most likely to look. Google has instructions on how to look for and remove your personal information online
another player directly (rather than at the other player's Pokémon). true ... NPC Trainers or boss Pokémon, regardless of this setting.

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