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I will not be playing this game anymore so ppl can get my monsters for free(on trade)first come first serve 1 monster per personSad
pm me if you have questions
well i gotta say good bye bobbob good luck on whats your doing in life
Goodbye! Donmai, everybody quits at a point.
Constantly dying yet never dead
do u guys want freebies from my ancients,legendaries or zeniths?
pm me if you have questions
hmm never got to meet u but i would like to wish u good lucck with ur life and enjoy it Wink 

oh well bye i wish u all the best
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
thx all
pm me if you have questions
Confused i don't like cool people leaving. One after another... it hurts.

If I don't see you again..
I pm'd you too for monster.

Good luck bro.
            thx PRYSMA 2
  [Image: 7G5XCZU.jpg]
gl in life bob
[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=447]
i will be staying on forum and rarely on the game
pm me if you have questions
i can take care some of your babies! im a newbie here and that would help!
bobob i pmed u
i didnty see it
pm me if you have questions

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