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If you're thinking of making a guild, but you need some help... here are some guild tips. ;p May add more in the future.

  • Guild: an organization, club, or fellowship. (defined by
You must be wondering why I am giving you the definition. Because you must know before you decide to make a guild.

If you're planning to make a one-man sort of thing, then don't. Because obviously, that isn't a guild.
  • Don't treat your guild members as or call your members "followers".
  • If your guild is all about raffles, it will of course attract more people than a guild about learning more about the game. However, you should keep in mind that once you don't do any more raffles, your guild members will leave.
  • Your guild front page is very important, as it will give an idea of what your guild is about. So when making your guild, make sure to make the guild thread look nice.
  • After you make your guild, you will ask yourself "how do I keep my guild active?" There are two main answers. 
One is to be sociable with your guild. Chat with your guild members is one way to keep the guild alive.

The other is events. Events come with rewards, which is why people participate in them.

Hunting Monsters (Highest UVS, Best Unique Power, etc.)
Pick A Number


Those are the more common events in guilds. However, you should come up with new events ideas and new rewards as it will make your guild seem fresher than the other guilds.

New Events Ideas (Examples):
Best Edit - Pick one monster and edit (add text, add extra pictures, add background). Best one wins.
Story - Come up with a story about the guild. Best one wins.

New Reward Ideas (Examples):
Sales off any business the guild leader might own.
Once again, very nice job Prys! Wink

Although, perhaps there could include a section about 'rankings' as a lot of the people who join guilds are very interested in this. Leaders can't be too lenient/ easy on giving promotions, but should have set requirements at each rank to give all members a goal to work towards; instead of constantly 'begging', per se.
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Here's some ideas for events and awards:
Every member in the guild will pvp their leader and/or co-leader. Whoever wins gets 1 of the monsters the guild leader and/or co-leader used against him.
For example:
I am the guild co-leader. You use 6 regular ranked monsters against my 6 ancient ranked monsters. You win the battle, and you get to choose one of the ancients you fought against as your prize.

Each guild member will be assigned a zone in which they will wander around and challenge as many players as they possibly can to a pvp battle. The players who gather up the most wins gets a legendary monster -specially made for pvp- as a award.

Lifetime supplies of monster boxes.
A weekly payment of 1 million gold to the winner's account over a yearly period.
Very nice Big Grin
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