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Guild Arena Tournament Valentines Day
Hey guys know its been awhile but here's my thread and This time WERE GONNA DO A ARENA GUILD I mean guild arena tournament Hearthere's how we play

10 players each guild chooses obviously choose your best
there will be 4 blocks A Block B Block C Block D Block
You will be given randomly your block so no choosing if you don't have a guild and your good and want to join  just post your name under my guild
 and ofc there are other guild if you want to join
so get your team leaders here and get them to write there members and guild leaders are eligible to join this tournament and obviuslly they count as a number

-A Block
Shadow Obito Hunter (SOH)

-B Block

-C Block

-D Block

randomly choosen blocks by a generator

February 14 2014 starts GET READY

Lets also say thanks to our sponser  (CM) Santy!& Sale990,(CM) Capt.Obvious
winner will be found as Guild Of love!

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