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Guarantee Monster Box Catch
For those who thought hit a wild monster to 1 HP is for a higher chance rate. But it's a 100 percent chance to catch one, only it has 1 HP.

If you encounter a Zenith, a legendary, or an ancient like I did. You could use 1 HP moves, like Foil Strike or Intoxicate.

If they resist to 1 HP moves and have high defenses, weaken them after debuff their stats like Size Up, Disquiet, etc.

Those with high attacks and special attacks could be a pain, which is why you first debuff them to -5 attack/sp.attack.

For those who still have trouble, bring dozens of stat serums and several Ultimate Revives.

I recommend bringing a level 100 Emissary monster with 1 HP move against level 70 ancients. But that level 100 monster alone won't be enough to catch an ancient monster.

Take a level 70 Blazoria for example. A steel type like Lumeon could withstand its attacks, but couldn't lower its HP before depleting Foil Strike.

A level 85 Furnagon with Dark Whispers holding a fire orb could lower Blazoria's special attack without taking too much damage.

That's my part of my effective strategy against Blazoria. I hope this is helpful?
ty for guide

pm me in game to get an ancient monster reward
The game is really fun. I found the winning hints in the website. Surely there will be many players participating. This is so fun to play mini crossword. There have been several changes since I was going to come play Smile, and each one makes the game more enjoyable.

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