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Users, by any means, are allowed to hold shops for other users that can't do any graphics work. Shops are different than your showcases since it is a place where you work for users. The best thing to come to an artist isn't money, it's being praised for their work. To see people liking their work, it's the best thing that an artist can ask for.
There are different types of graphics work. There are banners, wallpapers, tags, signatures, avatars, and icons. There are many more, I believe.

Yours shops must contain organization, rules and limitations, how fast you can work, and it holds promise.
Have an introduction. Tell users how long you've been gfxing, how fast you can work, your different styles, and such. Post an example of each work you have done so users know what they are looking forward to. You may limit requests per user. Say, a user wanted to request 10 things. You limit them up to 2-3 requests only. Ever user in your shop can only request up to 2-3 images.

Reserving Posts - Reserve some posts for different usage. First Post could be Introduction with a banner. It holds the rules, request forms, and worker applications.
Your second post could hold your work examples.
Third post could hold your list of workers, if you have any.

Shop owners can also higher workers. You can higher workers to help you run the shop whenever you can't. You will need a worker application.

Worker Application :
Activity - Must be active.
Program - What program do you use? (Gimp, Photoshop, Photoshop CS5, etc.)
Work Examples - Post examples of your work.
How long have you been gfxing?
Specialty - Banners, Signatures, Avatars, Icons, or all of the the above.

Here's some hints on how you can run a shop neatly :

Request Form
Type of GFX - Banner, Avatar, Icon, etc.
Anime - If it's an anime, post the anime name.
Render/Stock - Go find one. Produce it to the artist so they know what you want.
Specific Character - If you don't have a render to produce, name the character.
Text - Any text you want on the image, put it here.

1. No Ripping - Do not take work and claim that you made them.
2. No Spamming - Do not spam the request more than once.
3. Credibility - Give credit to the user that worked for you.
4. Limitations - Each user can only request up to 3 images per day/week. (Example)
5. You need 20 posts to ask for an image. (Example - Not required)

Forum rules apply.
Respect the artists. Follow their rules and how they run things.
Have fun.
Don't be greedy and don't go overboard when requesting.

Member Made Rules
These are different than the ones posted above. Member made rules are where members are creating preposterous rules and threatening users into obeying them and they will be "dealt with". These rules are not enforced.

Rules like these are :
"If you give my art a bad rating, you will be banned."
"If you don't like my art, I'm banning you."

It is a form of mini-moderating and it will not be tolerated. If anything like this is seen, that user will have their warning level raised and/or banned.

These rules will not be enforced by any moderator, so do not worry. They will be deleted immediately and the member will be punished, as stated above.

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