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Grammar Check--Page Description for Central Game Page Home
On the central explore page, for which users are on when they walk around the world (accessed through the 'Game Page' button), the browser description reads "Explore Maps, Catch Monsters, Train Monsters, Do Battles."

This description would be strengthened by changing the final phrase from "Do Battles" to "Fight Battles." 'Fight is a far more descriptive verb and to 'do' a battle come off as a less professional/mature descriptor.

I'll be happy to highlight other ways to strengthen the site diction should you wish.

....I.....just.....that's a very nice gesture. I'm.....glad...that someone is....uh....looking out for our....grammatical errors. Even if its not really one. But keep in mind that not toooooo many people like a grammar nazi.
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Uh... okay? Maybe you can find more "grammatical"errors to fill this thread.
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If you'd like I'd be happy to peruse the site and try to make a comprehensive list. My sense is that if you want the game to come off as professional as possible to a mainstream American audience with more than an elementary education, then it's a good idea to clean up grammar as much as possible.

Really, my intentions are not to nitpick to cause trouble; rather, grammatical errors really do reflect poorly on a site's reputation.
Actually cef isn't really finding grammatical errors as of now.
Ramza and torito.. If your just here to criticize the guy of what he's doing just don't. It's his idea not yours ://
*gets to lazy to type something long because in ipad*

Just leave him alone..
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