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Ghost's suggestions
This kinda goes with the "monsters drop items" thing, they of course should drop their own type of item either just to sell for money or an item that a monster can hold to help in battle right? Well what if we were able to upgrade that item to boost its effect? By doing so we would just rarely get the item beating a monster. Like if you get a cool item that makes your monster HP go up by 50, by upgrading it, it will make its HP go up by 75. If you catch my drift (Im rushing so i'll explain all suggestions later)
I think the item trading from market should END. Being face to face to trade items would put the game page to more use. It'll be just like how the PVP is when you see a person on the game screen. It would just be a option to "trade". If people REALLY wanted deals for items they would have to search for them and make it more of a challenge. People could make it easier by talking on chat for the two pople to meet up and consult a trade. If the going to market wont end at least let us trade face-to-face.
You know what the chat needs? Constant reminders. It'll say random tips and chat rules out of nowere after a certain number of post on chat or keywords like "how" and "heal" in the same sentence. like
" To heal your monster visit a monster center"
" Cursing or advertising in chat WILL result in ban"
Once I think of more i'll let you know Tongue
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You're welcome.

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Good..upgrading is awesome and the chat thing. But as the big boss man said:
(2011-11-23, 04:07 AM)CeFurkan Wrote: Your suggestions are nice idea but we have prior issues

Constantly dying yet never dead
Err.. I didn't post my item trade suggestion yet? o.o

Errr I don't understand your trading. r.r

And for chat.. I sent a pm to CeFurkan about having automated commands or type in commands that will lead users to places like..

/chatrules would lead to the chat rules page.
/help would lead to the help page or whatever :/

i like the chat idea.The items thing is eh cuz how many people actually use the item market anyways?upgrade..
have a progressive fee for each new level of upgrade till you max out the upgrade?
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