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General Chat Rules and Dilemmas
1. No Spamming.
2. No Flaming.
3. Advertise sales, trades, and teams every 15 minutes.
4. No racism.
5. No religion talk.
6. No swearing, Not even censoring it.
7. Inappropriate content strictly prohibited.
8. No impersonating another user.
9. No harassment.
10. No advertising xat chats or anything on those lines.
11. Respect everyone.
12. Do not defy a moderator. If a user has a problem with what a moderator did, provide a screenshot and pm or e-mail the game administrator.
13. Do not share personal information with anyone else.
14. No Farming. Do not let other users train one of your monsters, if they keep it, trade it, or sell it, it's your fault and we will not do anything about it except blame you for your actions.
15. Do not post links that are of no relation to Monster MMORPG.
16. No Trolling.
17.Do not talk about other online games in the chat.Console games are fine.
Those who break the rules will have 1 warning.
Another violation will result in a chat ban.

Some rules don't require warnings. Some are really that strict.

If a user is chat banned three times for 3 offenses of similarity, you will be reported and you have a chance of losing your chat privileges. Once you lose chat privileges, you will not be able to chat. Abide by the rules please, sometimes a moderator will let it pass by deleting your posts. If you post the same thing that was once deleted, it will result in a chat ban. Continue posting it and you may be reported to the administrator.

These will be updated with more rules to come. If anyone is seen breaking these rules and are reported to a moderator or CeFurkan, you will be dealt with. If a Chat Master, Super Chat Master, or Game Master are not present in the chat and someone is breaking the chat rules, take a screenshot, remember their username and report them here in the forum. Thank you and have a nice day Smile

Explanation of rule #10 : Rule number 10 is strictly prohibited about any content related to "Xat." If anything related to it is posted in chat, it will be an immediate chat ban. The administrator of the game does not want this posted. He has a dislike against it. The moderators of the chat and forum will enforce this rule and there is to be no question nor argument.


Rule #6 : Any swear word is not tolerated. **** is considered swear censoring, we don't want to see it. The word "Dam" even though spelled wrong is a swear word. If we catch you using it, you will be given a warning. After the warning, a ban from chat will follow if you do it again.

If a user is having an argument with a [cm] and the user believes the [cm] is not correct in their judgement, the user should consult another [cm] as a third party.

Moderators are not to take sides in an argument unless you are absolutely sure which is wrong. Moderators are supposed to be a neutral party.
With the amount of [cm]s in the English chat, moderators should not gang up on a user. It's intimidating and it would seem that you only back up each other because of status. That's wrong.
If a user is still unsure about the situation they are in, gather screenshots and post them in forum under "Report A User". The situation would be taken out of chat and into forum.

If still unsure, contact Moderator SparrowHawk / SparvieroXu for help.
Contact Guider456 / Guider as well.
Contact Orboknown / Radical Fiction.

Forum / In-Game Name

Thank you for cooperation.
~MonsterMMORPG Staff Team

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