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Game is under attack once again
its probably a company... thank goodness cefurkan has put up a software defense. i hope the attack stops soon r.r i really love this game and another game that issnt down but i like this the most ^^
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They are definitely using bots. The first attack (the only one I know the size of) had to of used nearly 1000 bot computers. Btw if you're wondering where I got that number. Cefurkan had posted that the first one was around 700000 pings (or requests to access the website at once). The low orbit cannon (the software most commonly used for a ddos) puts out about 700 pings per computer. If he/she is using the high orbit that number changes to 1000 so I'm guessing between 700-1000 computers are at the person's disposal at least.
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game is open now Smile
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We dont know, yes Freak it's terrible.
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We should still be productive with the game while server is down, and start advertising Tongue
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

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idk if that was outve my place...but had to be said .-.
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*I can never be serious*
Why don't all the mods group up and whack this "destroying team" with our hammers and show them how it feels to be "shut down"
Constantly dying yet never dead
no need to make it worse guys .-.
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yeah zach...
for peace!!
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(2012-08-10, 02:29 AM)fjkulit Wrote: yeah zach...
for peace!!
-.- i was 1st to say its not me..
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really hate the guy who's doing this

but 3000$ is a high price lol
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Hope that they will stop soon
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So, this is targeting free online pet-based combat games exclusively? What kind of motive would anyone have other than to be a jerk?
any idea who is doing it

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