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GK's Monster's Inspirations, Stories and Concepts
Honestly not sure if this is where this belongs... if it isn't, so sorry and do move it for me if you can or w/e.

Herpderp stories take awhile to do. If anyone wants more like flavor text on a monster that doesn't have one, just ask. (if It's not up here period, either I didn't make it or I haven't gotten that far)

Since this became a hot topic in the chat off and on, and since I was requested to post these..
Here are the origins, stories, and concepts behind each of the monsters. I'll slowly but surely get through these...

#255-257: Lizaur, Reptill and Dragrove
Inspiration and Concept: These guys where based off of generic geckos / anoles (type of lizard). The flap under Dragrove's neck was based off of the flap of skin found under some lizard's neck like anoles.

Name Origins: Lizaur (Lizard-Saur), Reptill (Reptile- (GK can't remember...)), Dragrove (Dragon-Grove)

Story and Information: The Lizaur line prefers to live in warmer, tropical jungles where they can climb up tall trees and have plenty of fruits and insects to eat. Dragrove and Reptill can both use the leaves on their body to absorb sunlight for energy, and are often seen basking on rocks and branches covered in sunlight. They are rather solitary and don't live in groups, though occasionally Lizaur and Reptill will ban together to hold territory. Their climbing skill decreases as they transform, until they can hardly climb trees at all. For this reason, Dragrove live almost entirely on the forest floor, sustaining off of fruit that falls from trees and large insects. Dragrove use the brightly colored flap under their neck as a warning to rivals. They are highly territorial, and can use their claws to slice through trees and thick vines. This line typically lives in nests made of leaves and other forest debris. Usually more calm and docile then many other monsters, with the exception of Dragrove.

#258-260: Embib, Cortorch, Emperno
Inspiration and Concepts: This line was based off of, more or less, clothing. And kind of oriental clothing in a sense. Such as ultimately, Emperno's design is inspired a bit by kimonos. At the same time, they are also kind of like kid -> courts person -> king.

Name Origin: Embib (Ember-Bib), Cortorch (Corset-Torch), Emperno (Emperor-Inferno)

Story and Information: This line has long been raised in places of royalty and wealth. Often popular pets for kings and people of money, they have been raised inside of human households for hundreds of years. In some cultures, Emperno used to be a sign of the highest ranking status, while Cortorch and Embib also showed high status. These monsters where raised and taught to protect their owners, often going as far as fighting with their very life to protect them. They used a mix of blasts of fire and their amazing psychic powers to fend of attackers. Some claim that their Embib, Cortorch or Emperno could predict the future, though that has not been proved. They will eat just about anything a human would eat, but can be rather picky of their diets. Even so, they are usually well mannered and calm. Wild Embib, Cortorch and Emperno often live in sheltered areas.

#261-263: Floatorm, Albatrant, Frigatross
Inspiration and Concepts: Floatorm was based off of a generic small baby sea bird, using a kid's floaty to keep from drowning. Albatrant was based off of the albatross, while Frigatross was a cross between the albatross and the magnificent frigate bird (hence the red patch of skin under its neck). The floats are also like the life savers aboard ships. The arrows on Albatrant and Frigatross's wings represents the fact that albatross can travel so far without stopping.

Name Origin: Floatorm (Float-Storm), Albatrant (Albatross-(Something GK doesn't remember)), Frigatross (Firgate-Albatross)

Story and Information: As babies, Floatorm can't swim very well, nor fly very well. The float around its neck and on its tail helps to keep Floatorm afloat when it falls into the water, or when it goes to get food. Upon transformation, Albatrant can dive and fly much better then its previous form. Albatrant are able to travel days without stopping, using the wind to their advantage. Frigatross on the other hand can stay airborne for weeks or even months, sleeping on the wing. They use the sacks of air in their bodies much like a hot air balloon, and their large wings keep them adrift. These monsters feed off of fish, and can catch flying fish right out of the air or even dive into the ocean to catch the fish up to 20 feet under the surface. They build their nests on top of tall rocks by the ocean. Typically, they are good natured.

#264-266: Princebra, Cocoth, Moft
Inspiration and Concept: This line is based off of silk worms and silk moths. Princebra's name originated from the 2 colorations of silkworms: Princess (Pure white) and zebra (black rings). The fact that Moft is not Bug/Flying is due to the fact that silk moths in fact can't fly. Actually, they can't even eat. Rather pathetic little critter really. Ironically, there are no wild silk worms.

Name Origin: Princebra (Princess-Zebra), Cocoth (Cocoon-Cloth), Moft (Moth-Soft)

Story and Information: These monsters live in temperate forest areas, and live on one type of plant. Princebra can eat the entire plant away in one day, storing up energy for transformation. Most of their day is spent eating, eating, and eating some more. Once they transform, they hide and wait under leaves, logs and other sheltered areas until they transform once more. During this stage, they move very little to none at all, trying to conserve as much energy as they can. Though should they be threatened by a predator, they have the ability to move along with their little stubby legs. As a Moft, they return to eating their favorite plant, demolishing more and more of them. Despite having wings, they are unable to fly. The best they can do is flop around and glide. These monsters live under leaves and other foliage, and have a pretty one track mindset: Evolve and eat.

#267-268: Farmouse and Harveat
Inspiration and Concept: Farmouse and Harveat are based off of generic mice that get into grain and other farm goods. The ring around Farmouse's neck is supposed to look like rope, and at the back there are 3 grain kernels behind its head. Harveat's tail is supposed to be a stalk of wheat, along with the ones coming up from its neck. It's wearing a basket under it.

Name Origin: Farmouse (Farm-Mouse), Harveat (Harvest-Eat)

Story and Information: Farmouse and Harveat live in wide open fields and on farms, stealing harvest and food from the humans who work there. Farmouse can shove a watermelon into its cheek pouches, while Harveat carries most of its findings in the basket-like patch of skin around its waist. Quick and able to find small spaces to hide, they are often considered pests by farmers. They live in holes in housing and in the ground, and they often line their nests with fluffy things. They can be a bit temperamental, but are quite playful. They like wheat and corn the best.

#269-271: Delittle, Deleagle, Gosound
Inspiration and Concept: These are pretty much generic 'blue' birds. The general concept is kind of like a peregrin falcon. Gosound's design is half based on an air plane.

Name Origin: Delittle (Deliver-Little), Deleagle (Deliver-Eagle), Gosound (Goshawk-Sound)

Story and Information: These birds are very adaptable and live over a ride range of areas, though they seem to prefer temperate forests and fields. Delittle often flock together on trees and sometimes power lines, often creating quite a ruckus. Deleagle and Gosound are more solitary. These bird monsters feed mostly on smaller rodent like monsters and insects, though they have been known to sometimes eat feeder food. Deleagle dive bomb at other monsters, and can fly at amazing speeds. Gosound can even fly at an incredible Mach 2, and has been known to out fly jets and take even the most powerful flying monsters by surprise. These monsters are a little aggressive, and easily get in fights with monsters that resemble or are prey as well as others of their kind. Because of their speed though, they where once used as messenger birds.

#272-273: Demoline and Aardvant
Inspiration and Concept: Demoline was originally created by plotting down random dots, connecting them, and filling in the blank space. It looked like a aardvark.

Name Origin: Demoline (Demolish-Line), Aardvant (Aardvark-Ant)

Story and Information: Demoline and Aardvant live in grassy fields, spending their day eating ants and other ground dwelling insects. Their territory is often easily spotted because of the grid-like paths these monsters make as the patrol back and forth. Their long tongues are over 2 feet long. While Demoline only has its tongue to rely on when it comes to getting food, Aardvant can use its claws to dig up the ground. These monsters make burrows and line them with grass to sleep in. While rather timid and easy to scare, they will fight viciously if threatened or cornered.

#274-277: Chickegg, Clucken, Shen, Roostegg
Inspiration and Cocnept: Basically, a chicken. Coming out of its egg. The only really interesting thing is that shen is meant to look like a old lady.

Name Origin: Chickegg (Chicken-Egg), Clucken (Cluck-Chicken), Shen (She-Hen), Roostegg (Rooster-Egg)

Story and Information: These monsters have long been used as food and for eggs, and they are a very common sight on farms. They often live off of insects and grain. Very social monsters, they live together as a flock. Whether they're in the wild or not, they are usually in the company of two or three others of their kind. Shen watch over their Chickegg and even the Chickegg of other Shen very carefully, while Roostegg defend the flock to the death. Roostegg is the most aggressive of the line, while the rest are usually very docile. Chickegg's shell doesn't provide a lot of protection, but it can be used to help fend off small predators and attackers. Their shells remain soft enough for mobility, but hard enough for protection. They nest in large groups.

#278: Turfield
Inspiration and Concept: Just a moving patch of dirt, with grass. Something you might miss and step on by accident while wandering through the forest or a field.

Name Origin: Turfield (Turf-Field)

Story and Information: Turfield live in open fields and lightly wooded areas. Most of the day the spend buried half under ground, absorbing sunlight with the grassy patch on their back. They then convert the sunlight into energy. They are known to sometimes eat other plants for extra energy, or when the sunlight is scarce. During the winter, the hibernate by digging a hole and sleeping underground. Often times Turfield are stepped on because they blend into the ground. This is usually a very unpleasant way to find these monsters, who usually turn and attack those who stepped on them. Normally though they're very lazy and calm.

#279-281: Coltide, Rainay, Horiver
Inspiration and Concept: Kind of just started out as a mindless doddle, playing with body and head shape. It kind of turned into a water horse... monster.. unicorn mud fish thing. Not really sure to be honest.

Name Origin: Coltide (Colt-Tide), Rainay (Rain-Nay), Horiver (Horse-River)

Story and Information: These monsters live in ponds, lakes, larger rivers and even underwater caves. Coltide are most often found in shallower, still-er patches of water, while Rainay live in deeper rivers and lakes. Horiver are known to be found in the deepest part of lakes and underwater caverns. These monsters are often mistaken for sharks because of the fin on their head, but they are in fact herbivores. They eat plants that live on the bottom of the lake and river. While they can swim, they prefer to walk across the muddy bottom. These monsters are all able to breath underwater and out of water. Rainay are known to use their hard heads to hit into each other to fight, while Horiver use their horns. They are a bit temperamental. Coltide's nests are usually muddy patches hidden in the reeds, while Rainay and Horiver usually build their homes underwater or in the safety of underwater caves.

#282-283: Crichirp and Spricket
Inspiration and Concept: I was dinking around with different things I could add onto monsters, and in this case it was a 'scarf'. But other then that, basically crickets...

Name Origin: Crichirp (Cricket-Chirp), Spricket (Spring-Cricket)

Story and Information: These monsters gather in open fields, eating grass and broad leaved plants. They can eat fields away in a matter of days. At dawn, Crichirp gather and sing, before dispersing again until evening. Spricket migrate with Crichirp in the spring time to new places, and people have been known to come far and wide to see the event. Spricket's wings create a interesting sounds, and combined with Crichirp's singing it's considered widely to be quite beautiful. Crichirp's cheeks will light up on occasion when they are happy. Rather playful monsters, they usually try to avoid fights. They sleep out in the grass and under leaves.

#284-285: Stonster and Monitude
Inspiration and Concept: No really interesting concept her, just a rock lizard thing.

Name Origin: Stonster (Stone-Monster), Monitude (Monster-Magnitude)

Story and Information: Stonster and Monitude dwell in caves and on rocky, barren mountain sides. They eat rocks and minerals, and will tunnel to look for the hardest of materials. The minerals they eat form the rock-like protrusions on their bodies, which helps them defend themselves. On the other hand, it slows them down and makes them heavier. Stonster and Monitude are known to make tunnels and a large cavern at the end to live in, often in in groups of over 30 individuals. Rather uncaring, they don't mind if other non aggressive monsters move in with them as long as they don't attack.

#286-288: Affrarm, Crystarm, Martiawl
Inspiration and Concept: Heavily inspired by Halowing's line (because those actually came before these), this was almost like a take two on that line. Wanted to go with a kind of limber fighter look.

Name Origin: Affrarm (Affray-Arm), Crystarm (Crtysal-Arm), Martiawl (Martial-Brawl)

#289-290: Chimbell and Chering
Inspiration and Concept: Came up with these while out rafting, and I heard some crickets. It made me think of those bell crickets from Animal Crossing... so I literally combined the two into one thing.

Name Origin: Chimbell (Chime-Bell), Chering (Cherish-Ring)

#291-292: Bandillo and Armadog
Inspiration and Concept: Bandillo was made again by placing random dots and filling in the space. I thought the final look was really cute, so I 'rolled' with it oh god sorry for the awful pun thing... So it's some sort of armadillo beagle combination.

Name Origin: Bandillo (Band-Armadillo), Armadog (Armor-Dog)

#293-294: Rockid and Brutone
Inspiration and Concept: Rockid and Brutone where originally made for another game which never went anywhere (Go figure). They are generic rock monsters / golems. Rockid was kind of a doodle that turned out kinda cute.. Brutone's tail is inspired by cairns.

Name Origin: Rockid (Rock-Kid), Brutone (Brutal-Stone)

#295-296: Jingong and Chimelfry
Inspiration and Concept: Again for that game that never happened, these monsters where based off of the saying "bats in the belfry" (to imply that someone is crazy). So I made literally bell bats.

Name Origin: Jingong (Jingle-Gong), Chimelfry (Chime-Belfry)

#297-298: Anteaf and Anteature
Inspiration and Concept: Anteaf was drawn with the random dot method as well. Since I rather liked the design, I played off of Demoline's appearance and evolution and made Anteature bipedal as well.

Name Origin: Anteaf (Anteater-Leaf), Anteature (Anteater-Nature)

#299-301: Scortorch, Terrire, Inferror
Inspiration and Concept: Just a rather random doodle that took off on its own. Still with my "lizards have large jaws" trend. I wanted to make the final bipedal but a bit more bulky then I normally do.

Name Origin: Scortorch (Scorch-Torch), Terrire (Terror-Fire), Inferror (Inferno-Terror)

#302-304: Catail, Tigreed, Willion
Inspiration and Concept: Catail was based on the plant called pussy willow don't be immature , so I literally made it a cat with that. To further the silly puns, I made the next evo based off of the cat tail plant. I also like how nobody in the game has the later two of the three.

Name Origin: Catail (Cat-Tail), Tigreed (Tiger-Reed), Willion (Willow-Lion)

#305: Cutree
Inspiration and Concept: Face Palm

Name Origin: Cutree (Cute-Tree)

#306-307: Loveline and Snoorgeous
Inspiration and Concept: A rather humorous attempt at a pretty cat monster. Was testing out the hair looking things.

Name Origin: Loveline (Lovely-Feline), Snoorgeous (Snooty-Gorgeous)

#308-309: Wotter and Nutriver
Inspiration and Concept: A river/sea otter and a nutria where the basis behind these guys. It took me ages to fix the eyes so they didn't look like Sonic...

Name Origin: Wotter (Water-Otter), Nutriver (Nutria-River)

#310-311: Princestar and Galady
Inspiration and Concept: Based off of ballerinas /dancers and shooting stars. The white strips are supposed to be the trail of comets, but
also serve as decorative clothing, per say.

Name Origin: Princestar (Princess-Star), Galady (Galaxy-Lady)

#312-313: Hideodd and Bizzat
Inspiration and Concept: I wanted to make something more asymmetrical and the opposite of Loveline and Snoorgeous, so I tried to make it 'ugly' Though I think Medittle and Cresand's line take the cake in the ugliest things i've ever made

Name Origin: Hideodd (Hideous-Odd), Bizzat (Bizarre-Cat)

#314-315: Slugarden and Snailudge
Inspiration and Concept: A slug and a snail. Originally, the eye stalks where going to be the eyes, but I thought that was too cliche. So I made them mock eyes and just added silly little cute ones on the face.

Name Origin: Slugarden (Slug-Garden), Snailudge (Snail-Sludge)

#316-317: Kittcoon and Raccat
Inspiration and Concept: Some strange combination of a cat, a raccoon, and a super hero.

Name Origin: Kittcoon (Kitty-Racoon), Raccat (Racoon-Cat)

#318-319: Spideve and Widour
Inspiration and Concept: Spideve is meant to look like a baby spider / a spider egg sack, while Widour is a black widow. Kind of a black widow drider / other video game equivalents.

Name Origin: Spideve (Spider-Grieve), Widour (Widow-Hour)

#320-321: Mudirt and Mudino
Inspiration and Concept: Just a generic lizard / monitor(sp?) lizard that turns into a dinosaur thing.

Name Origin: Mudirt (Mud-Dirt), Mudino (Mud-Dino) God this stretch has the worst names what was I thinking...

#322-323: Sheeplant and Floweram
Inspiration and Concept: Based off of the idea that lambs represent spring or something like that... and the wool looks like a fluffy bush.

Name Origin: Sheeplant (Sheep-Plant), Floweram (Flower-Ram)

#324-326: Gilail, Repterror, Monsterror
Inspiration and Concept: Started with the random dot thing again, then turned into a gila monster looking fella. So I continued along the line of a bipedal gila monster.

Name Origin: Gilail (Gila-Tail), Repterror (Reptile-Terror), Monsterror (Monster-Terror)

#327-329: Grole, Burrowl, Badgearth
Inspiration and Concept: Again, originally random dots. Goes from a little mole to a badger, and the eyes are supposed to look like they're closed.

Name Origin: Grole (Ground-Mole), Burrowl (Burrow-Mole), Badgearth (Badger-Earth)

#330-331: Crocodion and Croconduct
Inspiration and Concept: Random dots, then turned into kind of the opposite of what people usually put on crocodiles type wise. The tail is like a lightning rod, and the red/blue is like positive and negative. Croconduct also has a plus and minus on its hands

Name Origin: Crocodion (Crocodile-Ion), Croconduct (Crocodile-Conduct)

#332-333: Stoppup and Rottop
Inspiration and Concept: Based off of a guard dog (or a pitbull / rottweiler). The fur around Rottop's neck is supposed to look like a generic spike collar.

Name Origin: Stoppup (Stop-Pup), Rottop (Rottweiler-Stop)

#334-335: Ribbish and Weirog
Inspiration and Concept: These monsters are based off of the frog fish, which I kind of made literal in a sense. Very odd looking fish.

Name Origin: Ribbish (Ribbit-Fish), Weirog (Weird-Frog)

#336-338: Spiring, Soullon, Carillonun
Inspiration and Concept: These monsters where made about... what, 6 years ago? A bell / nun ghost that takes care of kids.

Name Origin: Spiring (Spirt-Ring), Soullon (Soul-Carillon), Carillonun (Carillon-Nun)

#339-340: Leafrond and Happalm
Inspiration and Concept: Based off of palm tree / person.

Name Origin: Leafrond (Leaf-Frond), Happalm (Happy-Palm)

#341-343: Darex, Riblack, Tyranoir
Inspiration and Concept: This line originated with Riblack, which was another random dot monster. Turned into a large t-rex with blades

Name Origin: Darex (Dark-Rex), Riblack (Rib-Black), Tyranoir (Tyrannosaur-Noir)
You have nice imagination and inspiration.
Just finished reading it all, it seems interesting(:
Thanks for posting it!
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

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err...dont think this goes in fanfiction..maybe general chat?>(dei confirm dis?)
Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.
(2011-11-07, 01:52 PM)orboknown Wrote: err...dont think this goes in fanfiction..maybe general chat?>(dei confirm dis?)

Sorry if it fits better there D': I'm awful at categories. Especially with something like this... OTL

GK........ gk,,,

Can we have some PONY monsters?
CeFurkan Wrote:
@Nitz_X u really should leave this game
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(2011-11-08, 02:16 AM)Nitz_X Wrote: HEY

GK........ gk,,,

Can we have some PONY monsters?
Wrong place to be asking that Nitz |D but if I did make horses, they wouldn't be MLP based. I have a strong distaste for that series, along with homestuck and hetalia.

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