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G-9 Tournament And Testing
[Image: akatbanner1.png]----------------------------------Welcome to The G-9 Tournament & Testing

If you are here to sign up for testing then that means that you feel that you have got what it takes to be counted among, not only the best in Akatslowi, but in the entire game.

--------------------------------------------------You are here for the title of [PvP Elite]

What is the G-9?
The G-9 are a group of Akatslowi members that have passed the necessary tests and are vying to be counted among the Elites.

How do I get into the G-9?
To join the G-9 you will have to beat three Elites who are using three distinct styles in a best of three match.
You can only challenge once a week.
Evasion/Sweeper -- Anomandaris Rake
Wall -- Psywar
Mixed -- Knost

ust seek out the three elites in game, tell them you need to test for the G-9 and they will make sure to get your testing underway.

When will I become a part of the Elites?
After you have beaten the three Elites and their Strategies you will be entered into a tournament that will be held at the end of the month.
If you win that tournament against your fellow G-9r's then you will gain the title of [PvP Elite].

How do I sign up for testing?
Just post your Profile link in the thread below and voice your desire to be a part of the testing.

Results of Last G-9 :

Kai_Sr [PvP Elite]

You dare Challenge ME ?

#2 because i love pvping .-.
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]

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