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Okay i searched this up on youtube and i cried from laughter [video=youtube]watch?v=9Zlzin6PIo8[/video]

you can post other funny videos
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Be Blinded By My Prowess
Saw that video already.
The third is lol
[Image: GildartzSigfinished.png]
Be Blinded By My Prowess
the guy punched his stinkin computer. 0.o
YEAH!! weird o.O
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As I thought the video was gonna be something else that I didn't already watch >.> it's funny how the dude actually punched his computer and didn't get hurt or anything Huh Meh it's still mostly funny I guess Dodgy
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Small words FTW 8D
he must punch computers for a living, lol
the third was really funny punched his computer lol
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]

Hilarious XDD
look up kain carter (: that's the deffinition of funny
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aint nothing funnier than worldstarhiphop knock outs LOL. I would post but it is not kid friendly .
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aha ahwww the scared vid 0.40sec poor guy :'(

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