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Free monster/gold giveaway - new players WINNERS
Here are the winners from my last giveaway for new players.
All winners were picked by random using a random number generator.

1st place - green33
2nd place - gur
3rd place - Pokestar103
4th place - RoyalSlicer
5th place - doomrider4
Lucky Draw Winner - Dragon Master 21

The rest will get 10,000 Gold from me. I will send a pm to everyone telling you what you have won and how to get it.

Thank you so much for participating.
Thanks for holding this baba! Greatly appreciated :thumb:
This was a great give away and i truly enjoyed it, thanks for the mon and would love to see more of these from you or other top players. Even me someday when i reach your rank. Thanks again
[Image: vhp2p.jpg]

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