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Free Zeniths for new players!
Hello! I am making this thread to help new players by offering them free Zeniths!

What is a Zenith?
Zenith is a rare class of a monster that have 1 in 300 chance to appear. They have more stats than Starter, Regular, Superior and Emissary monsters therefore they are stronger in most cases. In any case, they are a nice addition to any new player's team!

What are the requirements to get a free Zenith?
You must be a new player with less than 3 Zeniths on your team.

How to get a free Zenith from me?
Pick up to 2 zeniths that you like and send me a private message in-game with monster name + nature, or on forums, or you can reply to this thread, whichever is more comfortable for you! Click on monster nature to see it's stats!

**All zeniths also come with a healing orb which restores 10% of their health each turn!**

List of Zeniths currently on offer, first come first serve!

Futairik (Spooky, Daring)

Yetee (Hasty)

Gryvolt (Visible)

Caesidote (Accelerator, Mystic)

Tortos (Comfortable)

Alta (Ambivalent, Supreme)

Lighors (Bullet)

Gorukken (Blitz, Vast)

Engiron (Dynamic)

Kaokung (Breach)

Obsighus (Bulwark)

Helion (Cool, Hyper)

Jetegin (Sickly)

Lunarikon (Speed)

Betamma (Capable, Careless, Dynamic, Fearless, Impenetrable, Nitrous, Tender, Vigorous)

Edit: Formatting
Hi, could I possibly get jetegin or engiron?
Nyki, you are being nice and all, and I applaud you for that, but how do you weed out the people who need the help from the people who are taking advantage of your generosity?

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