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Freak_500 competition
I see no competition on this part of the forum..

So i make a competition.

We have 16 players and every week you get a match to play. This competition takes a long time, so you can improve yourself.
3.Staf vidyasagar---------------------2---------------------0------------------0---------------6
5.Kunwarkharbanda----------------- 2 ---------------------0-------------------1--------------6
6.SparrowHawk(is out)---------------1---------------------1------------------0---------------4(you can take this place)
8.Muytr --------------------------------1---------------------0------------------2----------------3
9.Fjkulit---------------------------------1---------------------0------------------1-------------- 3
10.Kingeno----------------------------- 1 --------------------0-----------------1----------------3
14.uchiha clan -------------------------0---------------------0------------------2----------------0
16.Cope35(is out)---------------------0----------------------0------------------1----------------0(You can take this place)

Okay boys here are the matches:

To play(previous games and not played)
This are the games from mon to wed and that not play'd yet
Quanto_konami vs Elijah ----Due the long inactivity wins Quanto (3 points quanto)
Elijah vs L.A.W -- Due the long inactivity wins L.A.W. (3 points L.A.W)
Uchiha Clan vs Psywar (Psywar wins this, psywar warn me that he can't battle.. And uchila didn't and the competition has to go onBig Grin)

Here are we now!

Staff vidyasagar vs L.A.W
Kunwarkharbanda vs Muytr ------- 2-0 (kun wins
ZacheryMattews vs Guider456 ---- 0-2 (guider wins)
MaliciousMonster vs freak500
Psywar vs Elijah
Fjkullit vs Uchiha Clan
Cope35 vs sparrowhawk(both out)
Kingeno vs Quanto_konami

Kingeno vs freak500
L.A.W vs Fjkullit
Kunwarkharbanda vs psywar
Elijah vs cope35
Uchiha Clan vs MaliciousMonster
Zacherymatthews vs L.A.W.
Muytr vs guider456
Sparrowhawk vs staff vidyasagar

If someone not respons let me know, if the time is over and one of the players react then he wins, if both players react and cannot play the game the game end in a draw and both players get 1 point.

-No level caps this time
-Price's will come if the competition comes to an end
-No health items, held items allowed
-Match days(Monday-thursday, Thursday-sunday)
-Ancients are not allowed
-32 matches, every week 2 matches
-Best of 3!(if 3'd match ends in a draw its a draw)

comes when the competition is ending..
ill join
add me in
im in Big Grin
Viva La B.P.C! Many Enter, few Leave!

[Image: rainbowsig_zpsb55967d0.jpeg]
oh wow...

definately count me in
[Image: SamurottGSig.png]
Dont mess with the Samu or else you'll be left to rott in the Sanzu.
Credits go to SparrowHawk for the amazing sig.
i would like to be counted as well Tongue
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQjk8wO2t6sHmKt_B-_FtO...vOjUyihBSc]
im in too
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
ill join
Monster MMORPG's first Kpop fan!
Back after more than 12 months of vacation. 
[Image: 2vkc4nq.gif]
Need 8 players now to start!
I guess I can join.
I joining!
[Image: 1z69xds.jpg]
If you want a signature like this, I can make you one by ordering in this thread:
ehhh im in(snorlax47)
We are currently looking for new members of our guild, and we are willing to help people in learning more about this game.

If you are interested in joining our guild, you may sign up here:
im in :p
Need 4 players to start!
does that mean im still in this tour?

upated: meaning that i havent lost?
Viva La B.P.C! Many Enter, few Leave!

[Image: rainbowsig_zpsb55967d0.jpeg]
Haha no we haven't startWink if we have 3 more players we start, or if there are no more players over a weekWink
lol, let the games begin, so who goes agaonst who?
I wait till sunday, Then i make a match schedule.. I hope i can get 3 more players
i'm in
Add youWink 2 more players
hmmm im still waiting
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
Iii knoowww, haha
2 more players needed ! (:
Im in hmm
[Image: GildartzSigfinished.png]
Be Blinded By My Prowess
I'll join freak!
We can start!! I make the first match today..

Forum time is now 4:31 so on 3 or 4:00 Am I'm making the whole schedule and post the first one!
Guys tommorow we start the competition!
is this best 2 out of 3 or something?
[Image: SamurottGSig.png]
Dont mess with the Samu or else you'll be left to rott in the Sanzu.
Credits go to SparrowHawk for the amazing sig.

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