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Forgive Me if Its Been Asked Before...
Hi there, i'm Keegan, a new player here on MonsterMMORPG.

From what I understand you guys are still int he Beta stage, correct? So I know you probably aren't finished with the game and have plans to do more with it. However, as a sucker for a game with great depth, I have to ask; do you have plans to implement a story to the game? And if so, are you going to be looking for writers to come up with events and storylines for the game? If so, I was wondering if I might offer my assistance in providing potential storylines and events.

Or, if you did already have a storyline roughly built, do you know under which update we might see the changes in? Very interested to hear the answers to these questions, so please get back to me when you can, thanks Big Grin
Story line has been suggested and might be added in version three.
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I never knew we were still in beta period..
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there are people working on monster descriptions

you can join them
Welcome to the game Keegan! Smile As a beta, new ideas are constantly being thought of/ implemented into the game in further updates. I'm interested in what ideas you may have Smile
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i think a storyline would be an excellent thing to see in V3 Big Grin

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