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Force Ops Tournament
That sounds pretty good to me... question: when is tourney getting started?
well phantom said in a few weeks but i think it needs to start soon Wink lol
I'm truly confused by this level variation in the team's. Shouldn't all six on both teams be of equal level? If anything, the upper levels ought to be lower classes. A tremb Autoom with 50 attack UV is the highest possible base attack stat on a Regular, and at level 100 its only 462. A trem Meteoid with 0 UV at level 70 has 438, and only needs a UV of 24 to pass the Autoom.
Can I join the tournament
yesw noelle and iWill edit level violatiosn in a min
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hey what date is this gonna be starting?
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sorry been real busy with school . when is the best date for everybody and iwill match it accordingly
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anytime would work for me.

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