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Fire (Booklet 1) - Curse of The Hunted Werewolves
Well this is pretty kung-fu just telling ya.

Well ill also make a Intro too.

After Fire was done with his training school he and his friends Kelly and Nick went off to lord Inferno's place. His family had a training place in the basement too for Fire's great-grand-father to train his eternal moves.
(Just telling you guys again his great-grand-father is a dragon ninja).
Getting to learn Inferno Dragon was long and hard. Well today Fires off to save some girl. "Oh My God!!! How long will it take to get there??!" Fire whined. "Just some more miles" Kelly replied looking at her National Radar.
"Well my life time with my friends is weird, its like having to go to quest with 2 strangers i don't even know. There also annoying by the way" Fire said explaining his life. "Well mind just traveling even though there some weirdos."

"Nick may I eat a sandwich?" Fire asked. "Sure" Nick replied with a little mad face. "See what I mean by that. My life with my friends is cool. But... there kinda like mean. Fire explained. "Well no more explaining my life time. I have to tell you about this long lost journey just to save a little girl queen." After Fire ate his sandwich they went to a cave. "Nick don't go in!!" Fire screamed. "There some trap in there."
"Wooo thought I was going to die or something." Nick said frighteningly.
Fire did his Inferno Fire move and they got in safely. "So its not so safe in here...this place is full of bats." Kelly said nervously. "Sure is" Nick said.
Well here comes Fire explaining his life time again. "Well you see my friends our scary-cats. They get nervous when things get tough. As I notice I've been telling all of my Life!!! Fire explained.

"Finally were all out of this place." Kelly said happily forever. Then Kelly paused. "Werewolves..." They all said. "We gotta get outta here quick!" Nick yelled in a whispering voice. "No" Fire said. "I see the girl."
Then the 3 of them paused. They heard something that sounded like a pride. The leader of all the werewolves. "Teach those kids some lesson!!" The Leader said. He caught a eye on them. "Get the girl ill take him on" Fire said. "K" both of them said. "Inferno Dragon!!" Fire made his move. "Curse Claw!!" The Leader used. It made a loud boom!! "Flame of God!!!" Fire used. "Curse of Werewolves!!" The Leader said. The Leader lost and they brought him to Leader Inferno.

To Be Continue...
fourth first chapter @.@
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

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I don't care Ghost.

Stop posting stupid comments.
i like it (not enough detail though for me) and tecnically ghosty its a bookelet not a chapter (which explains the lack of detail)
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Thank You snow.
-_- why dragon types?

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