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Hello to all,

Ive mentioned that a whole lot of all usefull monsters (emissary) have their evoltion levels at like:

Stage 1 --- Lv 40 --> Stage 2 --- Lv 55 --> Stage 3

Stage 1 --- > Stage 2 is in most cases at a high level.

I think this is also why most people HAVE to buy monsters from bazaar at like lvl 50 and beat the game very easy.

Why ?

~ Because you can't beat those arena leaders and their ancients with a cute little leafluff that will evolve when you are like at the 3rd gym.

My suggestion is:

If more monsters are added, get some usefull emisarries that do actually evolve at lvl 16, 18, 20 or so. Or even change existing evolution levels.
This will up the amount of people actually catching their own monsters and training their own monsters.

Or maybe even special very fast evo monsters like Stage 1 ---- Lv 8 ----> Stage 2 ----- Lv 13 ------> Stage 3
Like the early game bugs in pokemon.

Or make it more like this for the normal monsters:

Stage 1 ---> Stage 2 = lvl 18
Stage 2 ---> Stage 3 = lvl 39

So : How about lowering evolution levels ?

Because I bet you also didn't fight the gym leaders with cute little leafluffs.

Thanks for reading,
~ Arlax out.


*Sidenote - A lot of regulars and superiors have low evo levels, 

~ But ain't nobody got time to train and catch regulars and superiors.
I like that idea... It was hard having to Lvl up monsters the first I started this game
i had some luck, since my account was retrieved i never had this problem.

either way, i agree to the fullest. This will also promote the thing of training your monsters instead of buying high lvl monsters at the very beginning.
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The Vikings Will Rampage.
I had to spend an hour hunting zens to beat the first gym....i completely agree
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There is a bit of a curve early in the game.  I wiped my team and started over to check it out - ended up skipping the first couple gyms, squeezing past the zone guardians, then coming back with a higher leveled team.  The late evolution seems like -part- of the problem, but not a large part of it.  There aren't ancients available early on.  Legends are sparse.  Mid-game, you've tripped over a few zeniths a couple legends and are better equipped to take out the gym ancients.

I kinda like late evolution.  It's something to look forward to mid-game.  xD  Not like Pokemon where I had a Charizard before beating Surge.  That kinda made the end-game feel 'bleh'.
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Oh well, thanks for some argument from the other side though henrie.

Any other comments ?
It would be cool to have a few of the Monsters peaking out early.  I think it's set up right now that regulars, and superiors evolve sooner than emmissaries.  We could really afford to mix it up, lol
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Yeah I think thats also in the thread... Thank you.

So any comments from other people ? Cef maybe ? :3
I don't mind the later Evo's. All it means is you have to grind to get where, and what you need.
Hmm, it would be quicker and easier but if it is a higher level then you need to work at it and once it's evolved then you feel like you've accomplished something.
It is a good idea though
i had no problem for myself and things were also made easier but i still agree with this even though it makes the game a little more interesting and boring as well 
but above all i like the idea
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me too araxeon

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