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Fanfiction Example
In order to write correctly, it is good to put time into it and use paragraphs.

Here is one of my works.


One, Act one

Brett jumped from a high platform onto a train as it took off by. The timing was spot on as he boarded the secret underground crime train. He lifted his head up and caught the scent of the city in his nostrils. Looking back down at the train he began to run along the top of it as quietly as he could. Eventually he reached what he knew to be the special cart. Sliding down between the train cabins, he detached the back end of the train and let it slowly drift away into a dot as he climbed back up on top of the train. In ten minutes they would reach the junction station at Saffron. To bad the precious cargo would never make it.

Taking out his long sword, he tied himself onto a repelling rope that was attached to the top of the train. Then he jumped downwards, face to the train, legs straight, kicking open the door. He slashed the rope the moment he kicked open the door so that he could go straight into the car.

Two Rockets turned around and tried to draw their guns. “Combat mode activated!” beeped a watch on his hand in a woman’s voice. As this was said a blue light illuminated Brett for a second.

“SOUL!” The grunts yelled as they fired there handguns. This had no affect as the bullets crashed into Brett, showing no sign of damage.

“Ha YA!” Brett cried as he took his long sword and beheaded one of the Grunts. The other tried to back away; but to no avail as Brett turned on him and chopped off his gun arm, spinning around to slice his chest open in a fluid motion.

“Conflict resolved, Power down.” beeped the watch again before shutting off. Brett turned and found three briefcases laying on a table. He grabbed the middle one and opened the door that lead to the next cabin.

“Have fun with that!” he yelled as he threw it into a room full of Rockets. Sheathing his sword he grabbed the other two briefcases and leapt out of the train. It burst into flames right as he hit the ground at a roll, creating a fiery light that zoomed down the track.

Brett took out a pokeball and threw it into the air. After a flash of red light an Abra appeared.

“Okay Abra, teleport us back to the base.” Brett said clearly.

“Abra.” said the Pokémon. They then vanished.

Yes I know it is Pokemon, But it will do to give you an idea.
CeFurkan Wrote:
@Nitz_X u really should leave this game
[Image: kSLYA.png]
check the grammar of your first sentence.but other than that good job. I fixed some spelling mistakes for ya.
Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.

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