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Now is good dont change it
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Expert Defender ability
Expert Defender whats going on with this ability?


This monster after evolution even don't have 4x dmg weakness.
Since there are other ability propose to change, change this too.
For example:
Absorption 10% damage. (its just idea)

Just fix, change this ability.
I think it should stay the same
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yea...that ability is kinda useless if you do not have any x4 weaknesses...
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I think its fine as is.
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Agreed with zach, when having an expert defender when not even having 4x weaknesses its useless...

Also camouflage gives like almost the same effect but also for 2x....

So its kinda 2 the same ablitys but expert defender is more useless...
^ Camouflage makes the move effectivity to x1.
Expert Defender is actually good enough atm. Imo, there's no need to change.
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why must every ability be as useful as any other? the very fact that various abilities are only good in certain situations is one of the main reasons random ability assignments is a good thing...

simply put: If every ability is changed to be useful then what is point in it being random?

it is just like the natures and uvs without "bad" ones there would be no "good" ones
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Ability as is now its ok. But why monster that don't have 400% weakness got this ability?
effect of this ability = 0 null

Fix ability pool or change ability.
well when you are hunting a monster that would suffer from that ability you continue looking til you find one with a good ability set...

you do not change the game mechanics to suit a certain subset of monsters...expert defender is only good in certain situations...as it should be, not every ability can be all-around useful...
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