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Event: How to get any Monster you want, how to become chat master and get special ra
(2016-10-03, 10:00 PM)FearTheDragon Wrote: How Many am I up to Please CeFurkan?

i dont know you keep record of your links Big Grin
how to do this im newbie here pls tell me Huh
(2017-02-05, 08:22 AM)momoch155 Wrote: how to do this im newbie here pls tell me Huh

You go to a Forum  (not PokemonPets or This) and advertise our game. 
This can be done via numerous means, the point is, making users of these forums wanna sign up here and play. 
So naturally, the better your advertisement looks, the better.

E.g. a simple 
"Great game, go play" won't be anywhere nearly as effective as a 

"Amazing game, the battle mechanics are really great for a browsergame,  and the artworks as seen on (insert Screenshots here) are simply out of the planet.
And not just the general look of the game is astonishing,  it also got 519maps with 19gyms, an active Admin and creator which listens to his community and frequently updates the game and also greatly considers his community's wishes...etc. etc. Etc."

However, be aware, that the task is on par with the rewards.
Some forums got a "what are you currently playing and why?" Thread which you can use... others will instantly ban you for advertising and therefore spam their forum, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to sign up there, be a bit active and then do the advertising thread. 

P.s.: Using too many adjectives like amazing, great, insane etc. Will let it look like cheap bait,  so advertise it in a way you'd try to get your mom to buy electronics or the way you'd tell your friends. 
Big Grin
Hope all of that helps 
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

The Rekfast Club
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