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i just realized that evasion armor like the most hold items says "increases holding monster evasion stat by 15%" but increases the evasion of my monsters from 100% to 138%. F.e. accuracy weapon does the same for the accuracy stat but increases from 100% to 115% (how it should be according to the item description). Maybe the evasion stat got some different percentage gain per stage but then the item description isn't accurate.
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you must check your abilities
(2013-02-22, 03:02 PM)CeFurkan Wrote: you must check your abilities
sry of course i checked my abillities first before i posted it and tried it on two different monsters which do not have any abillity that increases the evasion ( monster 1: critic master, beyond type, accuracy 2: steel mania, mind breaker,  physical master) so if i did not do anything wrong the evasion of them should be 115% while they hold the item because their evasion is 100% without it. or did i miss something?
I got also bug on evasion armor when monster hold it it starts battle with +1 evasion buff
and with ability 30% evasion, armor make 179% (+1)evasion on battle start.
ok i will check the issue
thanks for reporting
yes there were a bug Smile
it was giving +1 extra
I also don't know where to download, can someone guide me

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