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Error with regards to subscribing to threads
whenever I went to subscribe to a thread I liked, I got this message.
which kind of sucks. I can subscribe to my own threads by clicking the box in the Op if i go back and edit it, but I can't subscribe to any others.
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thanks fixed

also please report any other error you may encounter
I just went to subscribe to orbo's mafia thread, and it said it went through. then when I went to my CP to check my subscribed threads, there wasn't anything there and it said I hadn't subscribed to anything.
i just tried this thread and it works
Yea, I'm subscribed to the forum. But not to the specific thread itself.
(2013-02-28, 02:53 PM)Righteous Fury Wrote: Yea, I'm subscribed to the forum. But not to the specific thread itself.

yes noticed Big Grin

gonna ask official forum
..Okay. Glad it can be worked out.
ok subscribe thread fixed

now you will see them at subscribed threads Smile
Thank ye Mr Admin.
also fixed email issue

you can subscribe as email and you will receive Smile

please try that
Let's see if this works..

email notification works.
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