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I'm still looking for ways to reset ultra high defense boosts that are not named black mists. In my search I found equality, which succeeds at the goal of ignoring the target's defense AND bypassing evasion.

I attempted to combine exhausting strike with survival armor and way saddened to see that my hit points did not drop to exactly 1. While I am happy that you cannot use bomber twice as I had been previously told, I'm stuck trying to find a way to self damage down to exactly 1.

In other similar games, moves exist that allow you to "survive" an incoming hit and stay at 1. This strategy gets used in those games, often combined with an attack that increases in power the more damage you take. Can anyone think of a way to place your own monsters hp at exactly 1?

This likely has more hunting application than pvp, but I still would like to find out.
This is a clever harassment method, driving your opponent nuts by magically dropping their HP...
About self-drop to 1, we don't have anything like that yet. Maybe a new move will do that, but as of the moment, nah.
Constantly dying yet never dead

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