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Elite Trainer Life
Future life of Aero from the other fanfiction story thing. We don't even have a glued down name for the Elite 4 or Elite 6 whichever.

Aero stood near the edge of a cliff, watching over the region. He saw many different trainers, monsters, and the nature that surrounded them. Aero remembered his journey with Tavi and all the adventures they had together. Derek is still a jerk but he lessened up on his monsters. Tavi became the Psychic Ancient Sage since he was 2nd in the trainer league. Derek only made it into the top 10. He was the 6th position. The only reason why he was there and not higher because he treated his monsters badly. Sgt. Harley and Greg retired, leaving the Ancient Sage job to the young ones in their families. Greg left the job to his oldest nephew who was 14 years old. Sgt. Harley left it to his niece who was also 14 years old. Greg and Sgt. Harley always hung out with each other, drinking at the bar, eating breakfast with each other. They were always together, laughing and having a good time being retired. Aero sighed and smiled, thinking about all the events in his journey. Now it was over and he had to battle new trainers that had the dream of becoming the champion.

~2 days later~

"It's good to see that some trainers have made it this far but this is where you turn back home." Aero said towards his new opponent. "Hah! Shut it old man! You can't beat me and my Brutone! We are an awesome team!" The little trainer said.

"I'm not old you arrogant brat!!! I'm 15 years old!!! I'm the youngest Elite member there is!!!! I'll trash you so bad you'll want to go back to birth!" Aero yelled. He was angry on the outside but actually laughing on the inside. "You probably got here through sheer luck! You cheated in all your battles! You can't beat me!! I'll have you groveling in front of me!" The kid yelled back. He was really angry, not smiling or laughing on the inside. It was time for Aero to put this kid back in his place.

"Dimagem, scare this kid outta here!" yelled Aero as he threw an ultimate box out into the battlefield, a Dimagem materializing. Then he sent his Engiron out into the battle as well, creating a double battle. The kid sent his Brutone and Whispon. "H-how do you have.. legendary monsters?!" screamed the kid, almost wetting himself. Dimagem laughed and circled around the kid, scaring him even more.

"Hey! Don't you dare pee on my floor! I'll make you clean it." Aero glared. "Get your Dimagem away from me!!" cried the kid who was frozen in the spot. "Alright Dimagem. Don't scare the kid, scare his monsters." Aero sighed.

Engiron took flight over the battlefield, letting Dimagem take care of their opponents. Dimagem covered the battlefield where Brutone and Whispon stood, using Pitch Black. Brutone was going berserk and started thrashing around, also hurting itself. Whispon stood there calm since it was a ghost type. It desperately dodged Brutone's attacks but before Brutone striked again, Dimagem used Hidden Punch and knocked Whispon into Brutone's attack. Brutone was in a huge confused and damaged state. It was then ordered to use Self Explosion. Whispon saw Brutone glow a light red and it stood there in shock. It was still pitch black around them but Brutone was lighting it up. Dimagem moved away from the area, wrapping around Engiron and moving to a higher altitude. Brutone then exploded, inflicting a lot of damage towards Whispon who was still confused on where to run. Whispon and Brutone emerged from the pitch black area, flying into the walls. They both fainted from the move.

"See! You're a cheater!! I'm leaving!!!" The kid recalled his monsters into their boxes and ran away crying. "H-hey! The match isn't over yet! *sigh* I guess he only had 2 monsters. Wow, he made it this far but he seemed really weak. Everyone is probably getting softer ever since Tavi and I beat them. I don't like weak opponents." Aero calmy said to himself.

~10 minutes after cleaning up~

Aero walked out the arena to chill outside with his monsters. He let them outside of their boxes so they can watch the world or play. Fightengu, Simoly, and Engiron flew around in the sky. Dimagem and Topacity played in the shades. His newest addition to the team was Teslectric. It laid down next to Aero, napping as usual. Aero smiled looking at all of his monsters. He needed a new name for them. He didn't want to continue calling them monsters because they were friendlier than that. He then called them his family.
nice dei.
Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.
Great dei
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This is much nicer and easier to read.

A job well done.
CeFurkan Wrote:
@Nitz_X u really should leave this game
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good story dei i like it!
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Ty rollie for sig!
Arigato ^_^
Is this the end of your FanFic?
Constantly dying yet never dead
isnt this like a cut off from the other chapters u were writing?
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(2011-07-21, 09:11 AM)Rain127 Wrote: Is this the end of your FanFic?

deidara you make fanfictions now? this is good. why is it about monsters though? it reminds me of pokemon.
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