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E.Z.L.A Cove (SS Training Squad)
[Image: cove.jpg]

Leader: Narumi310
Co-Leader: ChaoticInferno

RANKS(Please specify if you are a rank player, or pvp player):

Record Holders: 

Other Members(Helpers):

For Now we wont tryout people, Until we get around 10-15 Members

How to gain rank:
Ancient; To become an ancient you must be at least in the top 150, and have at least 2 pvp teams of 6 OR be in the top 50 *Rank people only*
Legend; To become a legend you must be at least in the top 300, and have at least 1 pvp team of 6 OR be in the top 100 *Rank people only*
Zenith; To become a zenith you must be in the top 1000 and have at least 1 pvp monster OR be in the top 200 *Rank people only*
Emmisary; To become an emissary you must have at least simple knowledge of pvp OR be in top 500 *Rank people only*

Motto: Gold is peace Sleepy, Iron is war Angry

Monthly Events:
Every month there will be a "Battle of the greatest" Tournament. Top 3 players will have a choice of staying with the training squad OR Switching over to SS
Every month the top ranking player will get a prize for being top ranked player. They can choose whether to stay with us, or move onto SS 
good luck Smile
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
Good luck to you an your clan!
Grats with this group! Thanks for integrate too Big Grin
I gave this thread a 5 star ranking. Good luck!
            thx PRYSMA 2
  [Image: 7G5XCZU.jpg]
How about this?
[Image: Ezla.png]
My first ancient
[Image: daa154e0-1b59-4c7d-ae84-372078000ab3.png]
Al haber gatos no hay ratones
Hi all im Shumpert in game and I have become huge fan of game and would like to ba part of a clan Angel thx all Big Grin
[Image: c3c7af5845b6f0a44f4245dc05598bd4.gif]
(2014-05-04, 11:07 PM)tons_o_snot Wrote: How about this?
[Image: Ezla.png]

nice composition

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