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*****Dynaris' monster hide and seek!!******
*******The New Game: Hide & Seek!!*********

Here's the rule: when the game begins, I will hide somewhere on map, and give u a hint, like "I am farimng ancient now", of course wouldn't be that simple Smile And the first guy who find me on map get the reward!!

I tried it yesterday, Guider found me first, and we both agree its fun! Better than a lottery(which spams eveywhere now :q)

The game probably begins at 20 pm or when most players r online Smile


Yesterday, I ran two lotteries and gave away 3 rare zenith, two Betamma, one Potasinite, both in my opinion rare and useful.
And today's lottery give away a zone and a beta.

I thinkg it's fun, adding some excitement to the game before updates come Smile

ANd I'd like to run this lottery constantly. Likely twice a week, give away 1-2 legendary/Zenith !!

The likely reward will be Zonench, Tsunidle, Lunardian, Solord, Betamma etc

And the rule of lottery is easy, it will run around 20-21 pm game time, I will be in chat room by then, pick a number from 1-100 in chat, the closest number wins, then I will post like 5 monsters, u can have either one!

So just get on chat board around 20-21 pm, see if there's a lottery going on!

Your participation is my motivation !
i will particpate, also, ty and, nice of you helping others Smile
see you 20pm^^
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My imaginary friend thinks you have serious mental problems!
Joined in today, lots of fun, thanks for the betamma
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(2012-07-31, 10:32 PM)Luiaardsgukd Wrote: Joined in today, lots of fun, thanks for the betamma
U are welcome Smile
my number is 51
my number is 10
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what luck i sleep at that time i was away at lottery time too maybe day before
btw if i can choose ill choose 20!
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hey guys, its not fair to leave a number and dont participate when the lottery is on :q Stop leaving numbers.

And i felt a little emotional today, when 2 other lotteries held, rewarding merely gryv and engi, and people just show exactly or even more interest. That really hurts Smile
looking forward to the next hide and seek game ^^
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