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Hello all,

Like I stated before, I wish to have more people involve themselves in drawing and sharing some ideas or so in this board.

Therefore I will hosting a drawing contest. To improve yourself you got to look at other people art / style and find the right style for you.

I do not have a in game account to give anything away, however what I used to do is give out one of a kind pixel art to the winner with their name attached to the pixel art.

For example, this one was given to the user Axcel for winning october sig contest that I hosted a long time ago.

[Image: octfirstlc6_zps27cfd38a.png]

To get on with the topic.

The Theme:  Dragon

The prize for the winner will be: (Did a 10 mins fast outline. Will finish colouring it and adding winner name.)

[Image: dragon_zpsc4c15957.png]

(Colour Update)
[Image: dragonc1_zps4b9537c3.png]

End Date: Sunday January 20, 2013 (You have till then to do as many revision as you wish. Once Sunday hit, your post are final.)

The winning drawing will be selected using a set of combination.

First it will be forum user vote. The second it will be selected judges (will be asking for that soon) to give points to three different categories: Colour / Style / Overall presentation. 

Remember as long as you are happy with your drawing, you're a winner no matter what.
I hope for all you artiest to join in and have some fun
[Image: Memory.png]
i'm in (: love this,if i ever get good enough to start wininng,i will 'collect' these pixel arts :p sounds fun to me
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
i have some paper that I drew some monsters on abit ago can i enter that if i get the chance?
Any type of drawing format is allow to enter
[Image: Memory.png]
Yay!!! but i can't say for shore that i will enter i may not have time to get the darwings on but if i can find time i will enter.
i always wanted to know on which program on the internet are you doing these awesome pictures and how can i do them  Huh
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQXNMHCdq8qOSUVEOVCxUy...-X25wh1hp_]  DARE TO BELIEVE!
Always be a first - rate version of yourself, instead of a second - rate
version of somebody else.
(2013-01-15, 06:48 PM)heteriam Wrote: i always wanted to know on which program on the internet are you doing these awesome pictures and how can i do them  Huh
I use photoshop for everything and adobe website is hosting CS2 for free.
[Image: Memory.png]
i will see if i can draw a dragon, pretty sure i can't but i will still give it a shot.
[Image: blackstarsig_zpsc46521c1.jpeg]
Just to make a bump..

Second set of colours and shades are in for the prize.. Now I need to add extra.

[Image: dragonc2_zps48389ded.png]
[Image: Memory.png]
No one enter
[Image: Memory.png]
Postpone it to next friday,and i will have somethin ready
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]

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