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Hey guys. I know I do not donate a lot but I will be starting up again soo.. around September Big Grin

Anyway this is prices for donations Smile

4$ donation per ancient
if it is a pvp ancient or if Ithknk iit is good. It will be worth 8$ donation

Dont have any ancients? Look below

If you don't have ancients that's no problem at all I will do max uv or nature change for 60m for non ancients and 90m for ancients Smile

Although I may not donate for a while. So. I will bump and update this thread at times when I donate. Which will start around beginning of September Smile

Well pm me! My in game account name is Rainbows
Viva La B.P.C! Many Enter, few Leave!

[Image: rainbowsig_zpsb55967d0.jpeg]
hm, i don't think i have that much money.... Smile
idon't think i'm that rich
dont worry, as you progress through the game, youll find that these prices are actually pretty goo Smile focus on catching mons with good natures and uv's and abilities, you can trade for others, or sell them Big Grin
Viva La B.P.C! Many Enter, few Leave!

[Image: rainbowsig_zpsb55967d0.jpeg]

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