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(2012-12-25, 02:38 AM)Henrie Wrote:
(2012-12-25, 02:28 AM)SparrowHawk Wrote:

I hadn't had a chance to comment when this was posted. My internet has been difficult lately, and my opportunities to test things and keep in touch with updates has been poor at best. But that is a handy link. Thank you.

I like that monster boxes were given a failure rate. I don't mind stat boosts, when they make sense. But it makes no sense that you should have to fight monsters with a boost for the same amount of exp; catch them; then suddenly the monster is weak again? Besides that, monsters are already separated by their stats. Regulars are already inferior without this added slap in the face. Superiors are laughable on the real server as it is. We don't need this extra challenge.

Take away the 2000% exp/money bonus and start the test server over. I want to see people stick it out and tell me this isn't a problem.
alright decided to lower power of regular, superior and emissary power by 45-50% Smile
Thank you. ^_^

It'll make Zeniths, Legends, and Ancients still hard - but that is how it should be. And those kinds of battles are uncommon to begin with. Work out. Looking forward to the big update. Aaaand working on attack names. Hoboy.
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C: henrie-sama,you are so convincing 0.0...i was against doing this...until i read your thread xD
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45-50% was like.. such a huge drop in power lmao XD

*is now 1 hitting everything that comes in my way* WAHAHAHA >=)
with my miro,i can 2 hit level 40 and below ancients C:
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(2012-12-26, 01:45 AM)SparrowHawk Wrote: 45-50% was like.. such a huge drop in power lmao XD

*is now 1 hitting everything that comes in my way* WAHAHAHA >=)
Out of curiosity, are you using monsters of a higher level, or just really strong monsters? c: Just want to make sure there's a good reason you're one-shotting everything and there wasn't an accidental error in the coding. (Like, instead of just removing the bonus, regular monsters accidentally being dropped to half of their actual power. x'D ) Zeniths and Legends are still a challenge, I hope.

You seem like you'd roll with a strong team for the lulz. XD

After playing with a new account on the test server, I can say that the game has become 500% less annoying and gotten back to fun. For me. The slow one. 8D
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let's go for fun life
do you know the game of life?
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