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Different Color Monsters.
Adding different colored monsters would be a good addition, imo. It would make the game more interesting& hunting more enjoyable.

Maybe make it that them have better stats over the normal versions?

I made some examples of different colors:


[Image: 59vpk7.png]

[Image: op1nki.jpg]


[Image: izqdex.jpg]

[Image: suv7yp.png]

These are just some quick examples.

?? Smile
o-o wow. what program do you use?
Thumbs Up 
Nice work libertine i like and you can make shine monster to
pretty sure cef has said no shinies.
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Something like shiny pokemon... hmm

Chances of shiny: 1 in 8192
... meh ... Already enough to collect in game.
Diamond was my idea Smile

Don't be a party pooper cabin Sad
[Image: 11jozyq.jpg]
:/ Really? Monsters with "other versions" have been denied at least twice a year. The suggestion has been made over and over, and the boss never liked it.
No shinies, no recolored, no special stat bonuses to "mystic" or "shadow" Monsters.
Constantly dying yet never dead
Cef said no.
[Image: viking.png]

The Vikings Will Rampage.
if we have natures and abilities then there's no use of shiny one's so yeah that's a NO
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]

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