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Dei's Anime Showcase
Alright. The other showcase is for monster mmorpg.

This one is for anime Big Grin

I recently found a mostly but partially useful yet useless signature tutorial!!!
And I want to show off my results! After making this, I was pumped up! I'm even more confident in my work now.
I love this sig and I am going to use it. I want to show everyone Smile
I'm even going to go to another forum. I seriously hope this turns out to be HD when I upload it -.-

[Image: MonkeyDLuffySig.jpg]
Character : Monkey D. Luffy
Anime : One Piece

[Image: NicoRobinSig.jpg]
Character : Nico Robin
Anime : One Piece

[Image: KakashiSig2.jpg]
Character : Kakashi Hatake
Anime : Naruto/Naruto Shippuden

[Image: BlueInferoSig.jpg]
Character : Rin Okumura
Anime : Ao No Exorcist

[Image: MephistoPhelesSig.jpg]
Character : Mephisto Pheles
Anime : Ao No Exorcist

[Image: SonGokuSig-1.jpg]
Character : Goku
Anime : Dragon Ball Z

[Image: KakashiHatakeSig2.jpg]
Character : Kakashi Hatake
Anime : Naruto/Naruto Shippuden
nice dei.
Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.
amazing bro
[Image: tumblr_m8mm02adYC1qgqflko1_500.gif]
I say the Luffy one is pro Cool

And the Nico Robin one could work out better maybe
The above post lies.

New sig : [Image: ErzaScarlet.jpg]

No text on it
I found some of my first signatures when I was just beginning at gimp Big Grin

[Image: HichigoSig-1.jpg] - Very Very First Official

[Image: Kakashisig.jpg]

[Image: Natsusig.jpg]

[Image: ChallengerSig.jpg]

[Image: BlackReaper.jpg]

[Image: TensaZangetsuSig.jpg]

And then they got better...

[Image: PikachuSig.jpg]

[Image: GokuSig.jpg]

[Image: DyingHeart.jpg] - Made for someone

There's more after that... But I'm too lazy to post em. -- Days later, I decided to post em!!!!!

[Image: SpidermanSig2.jpg] - Not anime, just random.

[Image: IronSpiderman.jpg] - Not anime

[Image: RoxasSig.jpg] - Virus_Zero

[Image: GohanSig2.jpg]

[Image: VegetaSig2.jpg]

[Image: VincentValentineSig.jpg] - Made this for someone, forget who. What an epic fail, I forget who and it says the name on the sig. LMFAO. There ya go Orb XD

[Image: IchigoSig.jpg]

[Image: VegetaSig.png]

[Image: NelielSig.jpg]

[Image: SonGokuSig.jpg]
You were a pretty good beginner.I like the 6th one best.
Hmm really? Compared to the ones above... Hahaha
typos, colours and compo is bad. watch more tuts.
elleyo0 is saying everywhere to watch more tuts
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
Sorry bro but I don't watch tutorials. I read em.
Explain to me.. what typos? And what compo??
I couldn't find a thread for more of my anime sigs.. So I'm posting up old ones.

[Image: NatsuSig5.jpg]

[Image: RinOkumuraSig2.jpg]

[Image: NarutoSageSig2.jpg]

[Image: HollowIchigoSig.jpg]

[Image: GotenSig-2.jpg]

[Image: RCBGray.jpg]

[Image: RCBNatsu.jpg]

[Image: YoruichiSig.jpg]

[Image: ItachiSig.jpg]

[Image: Kakashisig-1.jpg]
May I use one of your signatures? They look very nice Smile
(2012-07-24, 06:36 AM)Gilgamesh Wrote: May I use one of your signatures? They look very nice Smile
Sure, go right ahead.
Thank you Smile I chose your Son Goku one.

I'm going to find a fitting avatar image to match it.
[Image: SonGokuSig-1.jpg]
~As bright as the sun, a flame that never fades~
I can find you one Big Grin
Haha thanks but I already found one Big Grin
[Image: SonGokuSig-1.jpg]
~As bright as the sun, a flame that never fades~
I'm going to try and get Gimp again Big Grin

I told my mom about Photoshop and photo manipulation and such.. So, Ima just download Gimp and delete it from her side of the computer <.<
Wow all of these sigs look amazing, could you like that tutorial i want to make sigs as awesome as these
Some tutorials were deleted unfortunately Sad

Also, I didn't use tutorials for some of these either. And if I did, I most likely forgot them.

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