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Okay Im not 100% sure but I dont think its already here...

What if we can get a damage calculator on the site ? It would come in handy at some times.

For example I get a Hallucination Veptis just to counter walls... like for example Tecouno. Then it would be very usefull to know what amount of damage it will approx. deal so you know if your counter will be usefull at all.

Ofcourse you can test against other players in pvp what damage your monster does approx. but.....
What if you want to see what it can do BEFORE you even have it ? For example you wanna donate for a veptis but you first wanna know what its capable of.
And ofcourse even if you already have the monster just calculating is faster.

What do you say ?

~ Thanks for reading

*Sidenote - I have no idea if this is hard to code or to calculate, just bringing up the idea.
my name lol
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would be cool to have, not sure how high it is on the priority of things to do though
If we have someone who codes well then this can be made. No need for an official one made by Cef himself, I don't know about you guys. If we have a player in the community who can make one, then that'll be great.
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sound ok arlax
pm me if you have questions
not very possible unfortunately

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