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Daily Reward Suggestions
Hello everyone! I know that there's already a reward system to the game, and since were looking forward for more updates I made some several ideas that might could help players (specially for new).

To start with, these are the possible reward system ideas.


well, lets start with the daily login reward system. Since we already have the silver medals given by simply login on our accounts, how about making it more challenging?

So, to make it more clearer and direct to the point. how about including some "loot bags" as one of the daily reward? where in each "loot bags" comes with rewards.

(its just like a 7 day challenge where in each login player could get a "loot bags". Failure to login in 7 consecutive days resets the reward system. 

 In order to claim the "loot bag" a player should click the "attendance" button.

**once the "attendance" button was clicked, the "loot bag" will automatically added to your storage.


1st day - silver medal, 50k gold.

2nd day - silver medal, x2 (random monster boxes), x3 (random health potions), x3 (random battle items), 100k gold.

3rd day - silver medal, x3 (random monster boxes), x4 (ramdom health potions), x4 (random battle items), x4 (random consumable items) 150k gold. 

4th day - silver medal, x4 (random monster boxes), x5 (random health potions), x5 (random battle items), x5 (random consumable items), 200k gold.

5th day - silver medal, x5 (random monster boxes), x6 (random health potions), x6 (random battle items), x6 (random consumable items), 250k gold. 

6th day -  gold medal, x6 ultimate box, x7 perfect revive, x7 perfect potions, x7 ultimate revive, x7 ultimate potions, 300k gold.

7th day (ultimate loot bag) - gold medal, x7 ultimate box, x8 perfect potions, x8 perfect revive, x8 ultimate revive, x10 ultimate potions,  500k gold.

NOTE: Loot bags are bound, and the rewards I made are changeable. After completing the 7 day login, the reward system will automatically restart.

The Daily Raffle Reward

well, in this reward system. Its just simply giving a randomly selected reward for each account (which is made by the game server). So, each player would received something different than the others got.  This rewards system will automatically activated once the player got on (per login). A notification will pop up to notify each player if what reward they got. 

**Rewards are automatically added to their storage once they clicked claim.

The how lucky I am? "The Lucky Spin" or "Pick a Box"

In this reward system, there's a special button for it that would redirect each player to a "mini - game like" page.

LUCKY SPIN - this system is so very simple, once the player clicked the spin button they would get reward.  But players can only spin in every 8 hours, rewards can be monster in any class (up to legendary I guessed), in game gold, medals and the rest would be consumable items.

PICK A BOX - (a shuffling game) where a piece of monster boxes with corresponding rewards are shuffled and mixed up before you begin a game. Same as in "LUCKY SPIN", you can only play the game in every 8 hours.

**Rewards, are automatically added to your storage once claimed.

Note: You can also boost the game countdown if you cant wait for the next 8 hours using 5 gold medals or 10 silver medals.

Hopefully these ideas could be a lot help for us. Feel free to show your sympathy.  Big Grin Big Grin



I can see your idea is nice but you are giving so much as rewards maybe game will become easy after this you need to make this idea more hard and with less rewords
(2018-12-12, 06:36 AM)GurvinderSingh Wrote: I can see your idea is nice but you are giving so much as rewards maybe game will become easy after this you need to make this idea more hard and with less rewords

thanks!  these might be so much but it's not really necessary to add all reward systems. what im trying to imply is just more upgrades on rewards. Yeah, it might make the game easier but it was just rewards. It doesn't make the entire game easier specially for those who are new.

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