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Daily Anime Pole #4 Marco Vs. Luffy
[Image: mangadrawing.net.blek.image.one_piece_-_...co-730.jpg] Vs. [Image: Timeskip_Luffy.png]

Who Would .............. WIN?!?
[Image: patrick_star_signature__by_astra_star-d393bi2.jpg]
A zone-logia type against a paramecia with all 3 types of haki.

Marco can fly and heal and he also knows that Luffy has the haoshoku haki. Luffy would have serious trouble with him even though he has haki. I think the problem is landing a hit on Marco.

With Gear Second, which Marco witnessed, would make him indeed faster and probably let him land a hit but Marco can heal since he's a Phoenix.

i think Marco will win,
as you explain he has witnessed most of Luffy's Attacks
and he can regenerate since hes a Phoenix and he can fly.

Giving that i think Marco can also use Haki i think he'd win , but i think it would be a Tie
[Image: patrick_star_signature__by_astra_star-d393bi2.jpg]

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